Some Super COOL feedback!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This is little Keira and she is one of the children we sent StickyTinys to in Christchurch after their big shake. This the cool email I had from her Mum:

I put the sticky minis up in Keira's room today and she was OVER THE
MOON! She loves her "bebeez" as she calls them. I am sorry that the
photos are not that great quality, but it was hard to take them as
Keira was jumping up and down in excitement so much!!!
You have made my little girl EXTREMELY happy.

I have had some lovely emails from others too and have loved having contact with you thank you we are really happy your little ones had a nice treat!!

Last week we had an order for four of our murals (Pohutukawa, Nikau, Pukekos and Tui) for a school medical room and I have just received this lovely email:

Hi Kim,

The Decals look amazing and have transformed our dull little medical room into a cheerful haven for the unwell at our school. My only criticism will be that now the kids are going to be lining up for the sick bed so they can enjoy your fantastic artwork!
These are quite different from other commercial decals. They are personal, realistic and just gorgeous!
I have had a few people wander in thinking my artwork is amazing…little do they know the only credit I can take is for the super easy 45 minutes it took to put all 4 up!

We love love this kind of feedback!! Thank you!!
by mlekoshi