Some girls want to get married! Some NEVER do!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The bride and her son all dressed up My best friend Megan we thought was on the list of girls that never wanted to get married, well she didn't, and this is what she told EVERYONE.....and in true Megan style she told it LOUDLY!!! But you know our views on life often change and like her being a vegetarian, changed quickly when one day she ate a ham sarnie forgetting that she was vege..said 'oh well the pig was dead anyway'. So three weeks ago here she is with her son Kaeve setting out to marry her soul mate Dom. It was a wild wedding...these lot are very theatrical (I mean the whole family ..on both sides!!) so the service was held in an old theatre that had been decked out with big red velvet curtains, mirror balls..the works!! The kids all dressed upFor those of us in the wedding party, who are not used to being on stage it was a little daunting knowing that a theatre full of eyes are out there looking at you, and because it was so dark we couldn't see them! But my kids seemed to take it all in their stride, Kahlo spent most of the time on the floor fascinated by my legs (I had stockings on...not often you see mummy in those!)Jasper all dressed upAs for the boys well they took their roles very seriously...Jasper stood just like the big boys ..the only thing he couldnt do was get his shirt to stay tucked in!! xx

Logo despair and sick kids!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

OHH what a morning already..two sick children today, well one sick I just think the other (Jasper) just wanted to stay home with Kahlo! Not quite sure what is wrong with little girl but suspect hand, foot and mouth...which sounds way worse than what it is for those of you who haven't heard of it. At least big 12 yr old boy got to school today! Now to my logo despair...ARGGHHH , When we first started Stickytiki , only six months ago we kind of threw together logos and stuff and now realise that it isn't exactly what we want! Now although I have an art and design degree it was painting I concentrated on in my I actually dont have graphic design skills (computer) so it is very hard for me to see my way clear of the painted image! Here is a painting that I have been working on it is part of a series of self portraits so as you can see the move away to designing for Stickytiki has been quite a move for me!Self portrait painting So logos I have lots of ideas now I just need to narrow it down and try not to put too much detail into the image as I have found it just gets lost on a banner! I really like this little image below that I have done but it looks TERRIBLE on the banner because it just gets lost....again ARGGHHH!! Last night I was awake half the night and I think I have an idea...nothing like this, so off I go to work on it!! Stay tuned.StickyTiki logo concept

StickyTiki HQ – the blue house in Ahuriri

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Blue house in Ahuriri Good morning all and a HUGE thank you to my followers (7 of you...YAY!!!) for joining me!! Now the big dilemma being new to this is what to write about ..ummmm very tricky, what is it people want to read about? Well to start with here is a photo of Stickytiki HQ ...the grey shed with the white (soon to be red) door. The blue bit is our house which was the original general store in Ahuriri, it was turned into flats in the 60s and had seen many strange things happen within its walls. Now it is our house, still with 3 kitchens, 3 bathrooms and three lounges...all we have done so far is open doors! So welcome to our little funny side of the world in sunny Napier (23 degrees here today), so warm in fact I felt the dog deserved a here she is ..................................Silver the mongrel dog (Silver the mongrel dog), waiting patiently ..she saw me get my walking shoes on and always turns into a mad dog...more mad than usual running around the yard! I did actually have to get her to pose for this, a bit like I do with the kids..'if you are good you will get...' ! When I was preganant with my first boy I would say to people in all my wisdom..'I will never bribe my children' HA that was a joke!! So that wasnt so must get the orders out, great day for Stickytiki :) xx PS: Yes to Jacqui my little girl is named after the artist Frida Kahlo..when she was born she had this mop of jet black hair and my friend (artist Jil) wanted to paint a mono brow on her!!

Kahlo and the ' Nikau '

Monday, April 27, 2009

This my little girl Kahlo who is at home sick today..poor little darling!! Our beautiful Nikau is hand-painted by us then printed onto a fine fabric which adheres to most smooth surfaces. We have included a choice of flying birds- either a Dove or Kereru (which is a native NZ pigeon). This bird will carry in its beak a ribbon with your child's name written on it. This decal is designed to be written directly onto with a marker pen (sharpie) or even a normal pen or chalk will do, or on request we can provide you with some stickers to put on top. This growth chart is a unique piece or art and you wont find any thing else like it in the world.
by mlekoshi