New Alphabet..with U for Ukulele!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Due to popular demand I have painted a Ukulele, which I think is kinda cool if I must say so myself:) The letters will also be available as individuals so as you can build you childs name..great alternative to traditional name plaques. We are working as fast as we can to finish..there a huge job after my bit to get them to production, but I am cracking the whip and Si is slaving hopefully by the end of the week we will have them on the site.

Preview of NEW - Alphabetica

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ok folks this is the promised preview of our new Alphabetica! There are a few changes to make (sizing stuff) and maybe the umbrella will become a Ukulele?? So this is the original images. I am thinking about two large like this and another smaller..what do you think.
The concept of this is to create a learning art piece, there are so many sweet alphabets around but I struggled to find something contemporary without being too out there, beautiful without being too girly. My kids who are 13, 5 and 3 all love this and have been my advisers on what is working and what isn't. The 13 yr old (Zav) LOVES the L , V,I and X, Jasper and Kahlo LOVE everything..they are so loyal:) They really have spend hours looking saying the letters and discovering new little hidden things beginning with that letter in the paintings.

A is for Awesome Apple
B is for Beautiful Blue Bat
C is for Circus, Cream Cat, Clouds, Crimson
D is for Dainty Deer with Daisy chain
E is for Enormous Elephant
F is for Foxy Fox with Freesias
G is for Green Giraffe, in a Grey and Gold frame with Gerbera's
H is for House, Home
I is for I love you
J is for Jug
K is for Kite and Kisses
L is for Love heart
M is for Monkey, Moon and Mushrooms,
N is for Nighttime and Neon
O is for Oblivious Owl
P is for Prickly Pineapple
Q is for Quiet Queen
R is for Raindrops and Rainbow
S is for Sun and Star
T is for Turquoise Telephone
U is for Umbrella but maybe Ukulele??
V is for Violet Volcano
W is for Whale blowing Water
X is for X and Xylophone
Y is for Yak on a Yacht with Yellow sails
Z is for Zebra

Molly and Me

Friday, May 7, 2010

My mum found this photo of my Grandmother (Molly..AKA Molly Lolly) the other day. I was taken in 1976, and as you can see I was 'holier than thou'! It was my Grans wish for me to do my holy communion and she was so proud on this day. I still have this little dress which was also used as a flower girl dress..waste not want not in those days. I also have my precious rosary beads hanging around the neck of a very old doll on top of my piano. I remember this day so well, thinking how strange that we all looked like little brides.
When my daughter Kahlo saw this photo she thought is was her, how funny is that. I also remember very clearly how jealous my best friend was that I was dressed like this and she had a boring brown dress on..funny though she went on to be a real bride and I never bothered:)

Lovely Rose at La Toriana's house!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Elizabeth from the beautiful online store La Toriana bought a 'Lovely Rose' from us last year and she has posted this great photo of it on her facebook page. This is her daughter Tiana enjoying her gorgeous girly space.
It is really great to see how people put together their murals..I love to see the photos folks so keep them coming!
Happy day!
by mlekoshi