Our New Bags from Mee a bee

Friday, July 31, 2009

Mee a bee

Look how happy my two little ones are with their new Mee a Bee bags!! They are so cool and the kids LOVE them (in fact they have just gone off to bed..with them!).
It was so cute, the bags arrived just as the two little Tiki's were off to the park with Gran and big cuzzie Rachael, Gran had bought lollies (candy) so off they went with their treasures in the special bags!! Really they have just had hours of fun this arvo playing with them!! And Mumma Tiki LOVES hers too..just having a bad hair day so didn't get my photo taken :) So for those of you that don't have Mee a Bee bags...GO GET SOME!!! Really they are so beautifully made and can be reversed if you feel like a change. I had had Kahlos specially made with our Frida fabric which is GORG but what Jacqui has done is used red with white dots on the inside meaning it can be used that way too which is sooo cute, oh and Ja Ja is OVER the moon about his SKULLS!! They are absolutely divine..thank you so much Jacqui..you are a real talent and we LOVE MEE A BEE x

Off the radar

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ooh I have been off the radar for a couple of days..no blog posts!! have been working on some new designs so I get kind of focused on that and everything takes a back seat. Little Miss Tiki is all better now, although still a little touchy about things..she is so cute when she is stroppy..hee hee reminds me of her Dad!
I cant believe how fast this week has gone..really where doses the time go? I need more hours in the day. It has been fab weather here which means Silver the dog has had her walks and the kids have got to ride in their push chair to daycare.
I cant wait to show our new designs...one of them is for the Trifle opening which is the 14th of Aug..yay.
Also don't forget only two more days to enter the Whimsical Giraffe comp below (scroll down), don't miss out you could win!!

Blood red and two year olds don't mix!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today I have had little Miss 2 at home as she is still a little unwell, she has been so good entertaining herself and surprising me and her Dad by counting to 13!! Is this normal or do we have an extremely gifted child...NO don't tell me I will stick with the 'gifted child' theory! :) While I was doing some work on a new design with all the paints out..really concentrating little girl said 'its alright Mum I washed my hands' when I looked up she had blood red paint all up her arms on her new tee and had been in the bathroom trying to wash it off! So needless to say there was bright red paint everywhere in the bathroom....white towels and all. That will teach me for not watching closely enough!

Also today Dear Deer Tree featured on a blog called Etsy Stalker

Zombie time!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

No its not a new decal..although Zombies might appeal to the boys , ummm I will think about that! No I am a zombie...little Miss Kahlo is not too well and was in my bed last night and she wriggled and cried most of the night, at 4.00am I gave up an her and I went downstairs and watched the god fearing people on TV as that was the only choice at 4am. So today I am not functioning too well..but I have got a few orders out, uploaded photos for the new Trifle Shoppe, so not too bad but am fading fast! So that is it from me..don't forget to leave a comment to win our Giraffes below, we have had a great response, but of course I want you all to win, but don't stress if you miss out have some more cool giveaways coming!!

We feature in babybites !

Friday, July 24, 2009


Thanks Babybites for featuring us today..you are 'You Rock!!!'

Don't forget if you want a chance to win our Whimsical Giraffes scroll down for the inside info.

Win these Whimsical Giraffes !!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To celebrate our new babies we are going to give away this set (the ones in the top photo)valued at NZ $95.00. All you have to do is leave a comment about why you would love to have these Whimsical Giraffes, (if you don't already follow it doesn't matter, although we would love you to!!) Just make sure you leave an email address, because on the 1st of Aug I will film one of my cherubs or (all of them fighting over it) drawing a name out of the hat...that simple.. IT COULD BE YOU!!!!

PS: If you leave your email address leave the @ as (at) and . as (dot) so as those horrible spammers cant find you. If you dont want to leave your email that is fine, I will post mine when this is drawn an if you are the winner you can email me :) Good luck!! x

Grow Nikau grow

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here is some great feedback I have got this week on the two Nikau's we sent out:

Thanks for the wonderful Nikau.
It looks great in our new home and the kids measure themselves against it every day to see if they've grown any!
Kindest regards Sarah and Adam's Mum
Re: <span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_2">Nikau</span> <span class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_3">growht</span> palm
Dear Kim – absolutely love it! So do the kids. Thanks so much. We’ll show it off to all our friends – I’m sure you’ll be inundated with orders.
(Nikau for Barnaby, Hattie and Spike)

We have some new Giraffes check to the right on our etsy shop. Tomorrow I am going to start a competition to give these away...so stay posted and all will be revealed..(lol when I work it out) !!!

Good things take time

Monday, July 20, 2009

I was trying to get Kahlo to stand still for me this morning because I wanted to get a photo of her in her new clothes! Well actually the jumper came from Grandma Nice who started knitting it 25 years ago for her other granddaughter who is now 26..lol this is a true story, I just though it was such a gem I had to tell. While Mr Ja Ja was there she pulled out one that she had started for one of her grandsons who also are in there 20's..hee hee she will be hard pushed to get Jasper wearing a jersey he is strictly a sweat boy. Now Grandma Nice if you do happen to read this which I suspect you may??? !! We would really love Kahlo's quilt (check earlier post for gorgeous fabric I bought for this) to get to her before her 5th birthday...and there are NO more Grand children coming from us so you cant hold off !!
Kahlo is also sporting her brand new Hundred and Thousands shoes that big sis Kyla sent from Australia (Kahlo wants to sleep with these), a cute knitted hat from Aunty Marg, legwarmers from Belly Beyond and Jaspers old jeans!

Meeabee Rocks with the best bags ever !!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I am absolutely buzzing .. Jacqui aka Meeabee has created the most incredible bags for Kahlo and I. I sent her this fabric a couple of weeks ago to make little miss a bag and look what she has created..mother and daughter ones..This is sooo cooool..why didn't I think of it, I knew Jacqui was amazing but these are so special I am a little overwhelmed!! I can just see Kahlo and I strutting our stuff in Ahuriri by the sea with matching flowing dresses and our gorgeous bags casually whipping out our sunglasses, or.... biking along the boardwalk with our bags across our shoulders...ahh ..Well we will have to start wearing dresses and biking, but I am sure jeans and tee's will be just fine. I have never fallen in love with a bag before but these are piece's of art.. original and inspiring ! So thank you so much Jacqui I love them so much!!!xxx

Dear Dear Deer...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

We are so lucky!! This time the Dear Deer hit the Etsy front page..picked by Etsy..Yay, we have been there 3 times in the last 10 days, the other two were with the Babushka...so GO 'Dear Deer'!!! I have missed them every time but these are a couple of cool messages I got from people........

I am sure I am not the first one to say so but i really love your decals,they are so colorful and whimsical!
Good luck with everything, Mel

Greetings! I love, love, love your work. It's so special and different and something I would love to put in my house.

So yet again.... thanks etsy, we love you!!!

Ja Ja's big trip..

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ja Ja' first train ride to the big smoke!

Mr Ja Ja has just been on a big trip with his Dad down to Waikanae to stay with Grandma Nice (Bernice) for two nights..they had a great time and came back with all sorts of Grandma treasures, lollies, little bags, books, puzzles..a gun even ( I have stopped fighting this gun thing with boys). Jasper and Dad also did a trip into Wellington to visit our dear friend Fee and go to the movies..as you can see the reason Jasper couldn't tell me what the movie was is the huge popcorn and drink was about as much as he could focus on...mean mummy would never buy a drink like that, I am assuming it was for him and Si!! :)

Couldn't resist this one of little Madam..she was so exhausted this afternoon because when she was meant to be sleeping..as you can see she was experimenting with her drawing skills ..all over herself, the funniest part is her Puku (belly button) she has done a very unique design on this...tattooist in the making?? Time will tell.
Now I want to get photos of my niece and nephew who are here at the moment..but do you think I can snap them.. I am going to make it make mission tomorrow if I can find the little social bunnies!

Elephant comeback!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

These little cuties have taken a bit of a back seat lately..we have them on our Etsy site but I hadn't got our web guy to list them on our website as I wanted to do some other designs and figured we would list all at once...but things got busy...and the poor little Elephants got forgotten about!! But never fear they are making a comeback and will be better than ever.....And will be listed on our site!! Along with some new Giraffes that too have been waiting on the sidelines, plus a few other surprises!..Will keep you posted.
Oooh forgot to say the Babushka made front page Etsy..twice apparently!! I missed it both times but now know why our views on Etsy went up so much...cheers Etsy, we love you!!

Bunting bunting and more bunting...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I have been lucky enough to meet Jenny at Festoon who creates the most beautiful handmade fabric bunting. This weeks she is doing her first blog giveaway..(which just to jump on the bandwagon I am going to do also later..will keep you posted! )

Jenny's bunting is Stylish, earth friendly and reusable..she like me has a love for all Retro..I am definitely eyeing up some of these for the kids room! So go to her blog and make you vote., be quick because I plan on winning :)......good luck!! Festoon's blog



Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weekend Herald 'Canvas ' Mag

Monday, July 13, 2009

This is our little spread in the weekend herald, I am sorry I cant scan to my computer so don't know if this can be read..still you get the idea, it says good stuff!!!....
Just click on it to be able to read it.

Really really big day

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh what a big day so only a very short post to say I wont be writing anything!! Just had a great catch up with the whanau (family) arriving back from the States, my little rock star nephew came out of the plane and raised his arms in the air to all of his adoring fans waiting for him only to preceed to do a slow motion walk towards the terminal..sooo funny. The boys (a gang of them ranges from 9-12) then took Kalani to the dairy (they dont have dairys there) and he got flakes, pies, peanut slabs, then over the road to hot chick for fries (not like they dont have those there!!) And we have just all had fish and chips for dinner!! My poor sister who couldnt come back is hanging out for fish and chips.
I now have two very tired boys nearly asleep now...but so happy to be together again after two years!! Love it!!

Sleepy Saturday

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Very quiet day here today, I got to sleep in ..YAY!! It was lovely. Last night Mr F and I went for dinner at Pipi's in Havelock Nth (very funky), then went to see a French film called 'I have loved you so long'...just a really beautiful film. Today we are lucky enough to have a little write up in the Weekend Herald 'Canvas' magazine, we feel very fortunate to have had all this publicity for StickyTiki.
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend..tomorrow my nephew, niece and brother in law arrive from the States, it has been nearly two years since we have seen them, so my 12 yr old is beside himself with excitement!

We love Retro!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I forgot that I hadn't added these gorgeous dots to our blog! Like all our other ones..Just look at what you can do with them, go to our Etsy shop or website to check them out..only $70 NZ, change your decor, everyday if you like because as you know just move them about...too cool!
Ok I am off to the movies with Mr F.

Old Skool Blues

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our new decals are great for the boys, look at all the really awesome ways to put them together!! This my eldest boy Zav, who has now commandeered this lot, and has his in the big 'Z ' on his ceiling..they look great. It is so cool to see how creative the kids can get with them, so today a Z ...tomorrow a robot ...the next day who knows!!

Ok so its cold on this side of the world..but lets pretend

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Li'l Ludy encompasses all Australian designed and made swimwear ensuring sweatshop free and ethical practices which is sustainable for our local community. Li'l Ludy aims to provide one-off prints (sourced worldwide to reduce landfill) which are a li'l retro and a li'l different; swimwear that is not only unique and adorable but reminiscent of a 70's childhood representing the innocence and simplicity of being a child

I have met the creator of Li'l Ludy Trudi online through Skout which is the place to meet other designers, crafters, retailers from all over the world. Trudi asked me if we could turn her logo into a decal as well as buying two of our Dear Deer Trees she will use for display purposes..cant wait to see what she does with them! This is the great email I got from her this morning...

Hi Kim,

oohh I love it! Thank you so much for all your help. I was so impressed with the look of it on the computer screen, but in real life ... wow just exceptional. It's going to look absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to unstick it and play with it in September. Will take heaps of photos for you and will spread the word like wild fire.


There is no higher compliment than a good one from another designer, so I was stoked (downunder that means really really happy! :)

Great Feedback!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some weeks ago I sent some decals to the states that didn't arrive, they were Space odyssey 1968 and Dear Deer Tree, so quite a big order!! I was gutted as I had never had anything go missing before. So we posted another lot and contacted NZ post to find out what happened to the others...just lost, no reason, address was right..everything ok just one of those things. This morning I got an email from the very understanding customer in America to say package 2 hadn't arrived..as you can imagine I was distressed. So got on the ph to NZ post who said I had to wait a few more days..meanwhile these lovely people were having to wait yet again...ARRGHH
Sooo a little while ago I got this email which made my day!!!

Kim, they arrived! I was going out to the park this afternoon and there was the box! The decals are beyond my wildest dreams; I cannot believe how beautiful they look - little works of art. So easy to apply - I did my son's room in less than 15 minutes and he cannot believe how cool his room looks. I left really great feedback for you on Etsy; you are such a lovely, nice, HONEST person and I will absolutely buy from you again. Thank you for everything that you did for us and I just can't express my appreciation enough.

This has been such a great experience - you are so nice and it really was all a pleasure.

Warm Regards,

We reached the golden 100 on facebook....

Monday, July 6, 2009

Thanks to everyone that helped us get our 100 fans, you guys were great!! So yesterday we officially got our our URL www.facebook.com/StickyTiki Which is a good think I am sure, but just not sure why it is..lol I am sure I will find out. Soooo (drum roll ) the winners for being the 100th fans are Ryan, Gemma and their two kids Blake and Summer, they have some of these cute little Pukekos coming their way!! Thanks so much guys.

My day!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wake early, feed kids, check computer, feed kids, tea, email, tea, feed kids, clean up. dress kids, feed kids, walk dog and kids, visit parents, chase kids, home, feed kids, talk, feed kids, try to get little kid to sleep,talk on phone, feed other kids, put little kid back to bed, feed other kids, put little kid back to bed, vacuum, hang out washing (too late to dry), feed Mr 4. put little kid back to bed, do some work, give up putting miss 2 back to bed, feed kids, rings friends, send emails, feed kids, make dinner, feed kids, bath kids, feed kids, Dad reads story, feed kids, brush teeth, put kids to bed, go back to rub foreheads to sleep, get kids water, more kisses, halfway down stairs back up to kiss again, make curry have beer, catch up on work, write blog, get tired go to blob!

Just Truly Gorgeous...from Babyjo

Friday, July 3, 2009

Babyjo Bamboo Wear – Clothes of tomorrow for bubs of today.

Available in store on July 11thBabyjo are proud to present their new range of 100% Bamboo clothing, Pyjamas and blankets. The “Aiko” range of Pyjamas is available in both single and double layer, depending on your needs for warmth (or not) and their new range has a gorgeous Japanese accent to it, with kimono tie waisted rompers, bodysuits and tops. Available on line or see Babyjo’s Stockist page for a store near you, or your favourite retailer.

Jo the ultra talented creator of Babyjo has thought of everything with her beautiful range..her bamboo baby wear ticks all the right boxes, its environmentally sustainable, affordable, organically grown, pesticide free (a real favourite for me!), soft, antibacterial,.....the list goes on plus it is just amazingly designed. So really, be sure to check Babyjo' website out for more details out, also take a look at the Babyjo blog......Jo also has great taste in caravans!!


Facebook give away to our 100th fan..

Thursday, July 2, 2009


We are giving away a set of one of our most popular decals, the Hundreds and Thousands...simply named because we love the original Hundreds and Thousands (Gran puts them on the kids bread when they go there! ), but also because there are Hundreds and Thousands of ways to put them together! Check earlier posts. We need 100 fans on our StickyTiki page before we can get a business facebook URL which I think means we can have our own address...so would love to see you there, and we really want to give some of these away!
A day of getting new designs done...so keep an eye out they wont be long!!
The Babushkas shine again and have featured on some lovely blogs that I hadn't heard of before today, but soo happy they found us, they look devine and of course what good taste they have :) droolicious , fortheloveofcute and ten thousand places

Spotlight on 'Children of the World ' Babushka Dolls....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

'Children of the World' - Reusable Fabric Wall Stickers for lola and ben

This is really exciting!! Today the Babushka dolls were featured on the Etsy blog, the Storque Spotlight: Hey baby . For those of you who don't know what this means, it means that one of the Etsy team selected a group of products from all the gorgeous products Etsy has to offer (alot!!) that they thought worth showing off to thousands of people they send emails to everyday......not to mention all the people that visit their blog!! Etsy is arguably the worlds top site for speciality handmade products so it is kind of a big deal....and its the kind of advertising you can't pay for, and it is really easy to get lost on Etsy as there are so many fabulous shops.....so I am wrapped!!! Our Etsy shop had a couple of thousand visitors today because of this and a few sales...so thanks Etsy you made my day!!!!
Don't forget you can buy these gorgeous Children of the world exclusively at Lola and Ben along with other beautiful handmade New Zealand designer baby products.
by mlekoshi