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Friday, July 31, 2009

Mee a bee

Look how happy my two little ones are with their new Mee a Bee bags!! They are so cool and the kids LOVE them (in fact they have just gone off to bed..with them!).
It was so cute, the bags arrived just as the two little Tiki's were off to the park with Gran and big cuzzie Rachael, Gran had bought lollies (candy) so off they went with their treasures in the special bags!! Really they have just had hours of fun this arvo playing with them!! And Mumma Tiki LOVES hers too..just having a bad hair day so didn't get my photo taken :) So for those of you that don't have Mee a Bee bags...GO GET SOME!!! Really they are so beautifully made and can be reversed if you feel like a change. I had had Kahlos specially made with our Frida fabric which is GORG but what Jacqui has done is used red with white dots on the inside meaning it can be used that way too which is sooo cute, oh and Ja Ja is OVER the moon about his SKULLS!! They are absolutely divine..thank you so much Jacqui..you are a real talent and we LOVE MEE A BEE x

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