Meeabee Rocks with the best bags ever !!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I am absolutely buzzing .. Jacqui aka Meeabee has created the most incredible bags for Kahlo and I. I sent her this fabric a couple of weeks ago to make little miss a bag and look what she has created..mother and daughter ones..This is sooo cooool..why didn't I think of it, I knew Jacqui was amazing but these are so special I am a little overwhelmed!! I can just see Kahlo and I strutting our stuff in Ahuriri by the sea with matching flowing dresses and our gorgeous bags casually whipping out our sunglasses, or.... biking along the boardwalk with our bags across our shoulders...ahh ..Well we will have to start wearing dresses and biking, but I am sure jeans and tee's will be just fine. I have never fallen in love with a bag before but these are piece's of art.. original and inspiring ! So thank you so much Jacqui I love them so much!!!xxx


  1. You've made me cry with your kind words Kim ...sob sob ... I am VERY overwhelmed by your response.

    Hey boy JaJa, back from the big smoke? There's a cool bag for you too!!! It's made I just have to get the photo loaded!!

  2. Those bags are GORGEOUS!!!! Love them, Jacquie is a star!! x


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