Blood red and two year olds don't mix!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Today I have had little Miss 2 at home as she is still a little unwell, she has been so good entertaining herself and surprising me and her Dad by counting to 13!! Is this normal or do we have an extremely gifted child...NO don't tell me I will stick with the 'gifted child' theory! :) While I was doing some work on a new design with all the paints out..really concentrating little girl said 'its alright Mum I washed my hands' when I looked up she had blood red paint all up her arms on her new tee and had been in the bathroom trying to wash it off! So needless to say there was bright red paint everywhere in the bathroom....white towels and all. That will teach me for not watching closely enough!

Also today Dear Deer Tree featured on a blog called Etsy Stalker


  1. Hope Little Miss Tiki is feeling better soon x

  2. lol I have had the same thing with Ben... his words were "it's ok mummy I am sorry"

    Hope she is feeling better soon.


by mlekoshi