Elephant comeback!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

These little cuties have taken a bit of a back seat lately..we have them on our Etsy site but I hadn't got our web guy to list them on our website as I wanted to do some other designs and figured we would list all at once...but things got busy...and the poor little Elephants got forgotten about!! But never fear they are making a comeback and will be better than ever.....And will be listed on our site!! Along with some new Giraffes that too have been waiting on the sidelines, plus a few other surprises!..Will keep you posted.
Oooh forgot to say the Babushka made front page Etsy..twice apparently!! I missed it both times but now know why our views on Etsy went up so much...cheers Etsy, we love you!!


  1. I simply adore elephants, i dont think my hubby would liet me have these in our bedroom, I wonder if he would notice.!!

    Susie at
    I Just Love That Fabric

  2. lol Hubbies do take awhile to notice things..you could maybe get away with it.. :)


by mlekoshi