My day!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wake early, feed kids, check computer, feed kids, tea, email, tea, feed kids, clean up. dress kids, feed kids, walk dog and kids, visit parents, chase kids, home, feed kids, talk, feed kids, try to get little kid to sleep,talk on phone, feed other kids, put little kid back to bed, feed other kids, put little kid back to bed, vacuum, hang out washing (too late to dry), feed Mr 4. put little kid back to bed, do some work, give up putting miss 2 back to bed, feed kids, rings friends, send emails, feed kids, make dinner, feed kids, bath kids, feed kids, Dad reads story, feed kids, brush teeth, put kids to bed, go back to rub foreheads to sleep, get kids water, more kisses, halfway down stairs back up to kiss again, make curry have beer, catch up on work, write blog, get tired go to blob!

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  1. Oh Kim - I dont think i was that busy yesterday, however my days are similar too ! Where is the time for us???? A quick beer or wine in front of the pc seems to be the extent of it these days doesnt it!. Lol - Look what you have accomplished though~


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