Our Christmas Day

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas is for kids but I do love it too. This year I had decided no cheap and nasty presents that end up in the landfill quicker than the blink of an eye, so I made superhero capes for the two little ones plus this canvas Tipi (teepee) which I labored hours over sewing, putting in rivets and painting Pohutukawa flowers on..it..thankfully it got the thumbs up and has even come away with us to the lake....so what do you think Tiki Tipi's?? Maybe!..hahaha I would only have to charge about $5000 for them!
My big boy was somewhat more financially rewarded for a very hard years work at school with a laptop from all of us. This is hopefully a good nudge towards good grades for high school this year:)
Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and have a brilliant New Year. we are away until the 11th Jan but back with some great new designs and HOPEFULLY our new website.

We have a winner 420 pieces of paper later!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

WOW 420 pieces of paper..this is the amount of entries we had for our Dear Deer comp. After naming and putting all of these into the draw which I thought I was videoing and actually wasn't (minor technical difficulty sorry), I found and easier way via a random number picking site (wish I had found it prior to 420 bits of paper)..Anyway I gave that a go just out of curiosity..an low and behold the same person came up..meant to be I think! I just want to thank all of you so much for entering you are all wonderful, and to Kym and Candice for creating such stiff competition, the odds were with you girls because of your huge huge effort.
And soooo the winner is (drum roll).....Candice...woot woot!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
And to everyone else stay in touch as we will do another great giveaway in the New Year.

HO HO HO its a Dear Deer Giveaway!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ho Ho ho.. Because it is Christmas and because we have been so busy and not writing on our blog very often we have decide to return with a Dear Deer Tree giveaway this is worth a massive $180 NZ!
The Dear Deer is our best seller and we would like you to have the opportunity to see why it is loved so much but this time folks I am going to make you work for it!! We want as many people all over the world to hear about us so the rules are to enter:

1. Blog, twitter or facebook about us with links to here, our etsy shop, or our website.

2. If you don't already follow our facebook or blog we would love you to then you get to hear about our great giveaways.

3 Enter as many times as you want but you must blog, twitter or facebook about us each time.

4. Leave a comment here with 'Why you would like to win our Dear Deer Tree' with the link to your networking efforts so as we can check up on you:)

5. GOOD LUCK!!! We will draw the winner on the 14th of Dec x

Ormlie Lodge Design Market

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hot Hot Hot...We had such a lovely day at the design market yesterday but boy was it HOT!!! Held in picture perfect gardens of a local historic lodge the first design market was a huge success. There was a fantastic array of gorgeous Hawkes Bay design on show from divine cushions to original art, beautiful clothes and jewelery..amazing local talent!
It was really lovely to show our work to local people, some had seen us online but didn't realise we are local and some just had no idea we existed! We had an awesome response to our decals..a lot thought they were painted on the display and couldn't believe it when I pulled them off. A small group of children amused themselves for nearly and hour with the space odyssey which as fantastic and what it is all about..can't get a better test of the product than that!
We met some really cool people and made lots of contacts and thanks to my Babybaby sunblock not even a smidgen of sunburn!

Some guys are so romantic!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last week I sent out a lovely rose to the Netherlands, when I contacted the customer to say I was about to post I asked how they found us. He (I assumed they were female) replied that he had googled rose wall decals because his partner is expecting their first child and he wanted to surprise her!!! Isn't that so sweet! He also said our decals were the most beautiful he found. Wow..umm just trying to picture good kiwi blokes doing this....:)

Crazy busy at Stickytiki HQ

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wow how slack have I been! I have tried for the last week to get here to write something but something else always comes up..fingers crossed this will get done. So many things happening...to begin with my beautiful step daughter Kyla and her divine little man Jayden have come over from Perth to stay with us for a month..yay, we are loving it especially the kids who follow Jayden around everywhere as you can see! Kyla and my eldest Zav are brother and sister so Zav is an uncle at the age of 13. I met their Dad when she was 4 so we have been part of each others life for a very long time. I am Mum, friend, and clothes provider all rolled into one. It is so funny how she knows my little quirks and pulls me up on them all the time. Jayden is the most beautiful child, I feel to young to be a grandmother but Kyla keeps calling me 'nannie Kim' too wind me up so I guess that will stick:) Definitely expect to see Jayden in some of our new Stickytiki shots.

Check out my little girl in her sling...she has a dislocated elbow and fractured wrist from a trampoline accident involving the neighbors children who had been asked not to jump on it when she was on there..umm say no more! She is fine and adjusting to life with the use of one arm..we get it rechecked on Friday.

Stickytiki has been chaotic too, with lots of orders, the prominent at the mo being Nikau's. We (well Si) are also rebuilding our website which is nearly finished..I cant wait, it is clean and contemporary and shows off our images to perfection.
We have had some lovely feedback lately and really appreciate you taking the time to tell us.
Oh and my sisters baby skin (her nappy rash cream) product just won a prestigious award, I of course am not surprised because it is an amazing product..and that is unbiased!
Well I did it PHEW!! Back to work.

Style Collective and Stickytiki

Monday, November 9, 2009

We are very flattered to have this lovely editorial done about us on the extremely COOL online style mag and fashion community Style Collective. Thanks so much Amanda you are a gem!

Papernstitch and Stickytiki giveaway!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

We are doing a elphant giveaway on one of our favourite blogs papernstitch all you have to do is leave a comment about which animal you would like to be or which of our decals you love best! Good luck, this finishes 17th Nov:)
Don't forget to check out our shop on Papernstitch as well link on the right.

Trifle and Design Mom

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trifle has teamed up with Design Mom for a huge Halloween giveaway, it is massive, over $1000 US in prizes!! Check out these!!

-Organic Merino Set by Natural Star — booties, beanie and mittens.
-Feeding Pillow and Skincare Pack by Babybaby.
-Merino Newborn Set by Three Bags Full — top, pants and hat.
-Nudey!Rudey! Trial Pack — including a pocket cloth nappy, a triple layer microfiber insert, one reuseable liner and six biodegradable liners.
-A Treasure Hand-stamped Customized Necklace by Lovestamp.
-Whimsical Giraffes Fabric Wall Decals by Sticky Tiki.
-Baby Hair clips with Matching Display Box and Kimono Frame by Mini Lala.
-A Babywedge.
-Millicent Mouse Toy by ATLDL.
-Unido Baby Sling.
-Blanket with Cocolatte Trim by Babyjo Bamboo.
-Baby Pack by Ramalama — bamboo bodysuit, baby wrap and bib.
-Nesting Kit by Westcoast Baby — Infant Kimono Wrap, Infant Beanie Hat and Cocoon Swaddling Blankets.
-Newborn gift pack by Green Bean Kids Ltd — baby gown and baby swaddle wrap.

Pohutukawa (NZ Christmas tree) hits etsy front page!!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Yay our Pohutukawa made the etsy front page, i was so used to the Dear deer getting all the lime light so it is a pleasant surprise to see our native tree there!! x

We are on the lovely Papernstitch !!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I absolutely love Papernstitch and we are so THRILLED to be part of this months exhibition. Papernstitch has some seriously amazing handmade products on show so go on over and have a look also check out the wonderful Brittni's papernstitch blog


Big Birthday and Etsy Storque this weekend

Sunday, October 25, 2009

To celebrate Mr Ja Ja's 5th birthday we are offering 10% off in our etsy shop just for this weekend. To make this really great etsy featured this photo (of Jasper) on their blog very cool.
We had a great big boy party for him on Friday which was a holiday here..so heaps of kids heaps of games and junk food..every 5 year olds dream! Ja Ja was in his element and we all had a fantastic time, but OMG what a clean up after!!!
Have a great long weekend NZ.

The great kids fashion hunt

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We are proud to be a part of The great kids fashion hunt for the second time. Last time was a huge sucess and this one is meant to be even bigger!!! So go over to KFR and join up to win great prizes (like stickytiki :) and to help raise funds for the neonatal trust. See you there!!

Happy Birthday to the big boy!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It is my big boy Zav's 13th birthday today..yes he is a teenager and already sleeping more and leaving food stuff under his bed! This photo was taken this morning with two small ones getting in on the act.
Happy birthday Zav no words to describe how much I love you!! xxxx

The kids first swim of the season

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We went out to Waimarama Beach the other day with some friends and Jasper and Kahlo had their first swim..well Jasper did, Kahlo did so much squealing and running...Girls!! They had such a ball and are now hounding constantly to go back to the beach, fortunately we live across the road from a swimming beach.
Today as I hold my children close to me our hearts go out to the family of little Aisling Symes who went missing a week ago and who's little body was found last night.
Kia Kaha we hope you find strength.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Drum roll!!!! 'Tia and the Forest Keepers' ...love love love it..thank you so much Kym and congratulations!!!
Thanks so much to all of you we really appreciate the time you put into this..don't go away we enjoyed it so much we are bound to do more:)

Vote to choose our name winner for our latest wall decals

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ok here we have it a list of awesome names to choose from. I have included all except from those great people that had more than one name we chose one or two that we liked best:) There was one or two that we couldn't use because they belong to someone else so we just changed them slightly. So go to it and vote and we will finish this Friday 8pm NZ time. Thanks so much for helping us.

Last Chance To Win..and what I love about working from home!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Miss 2 helping Daddy with his work

Little Miss 2 has been unwell this week so has been staying at home, not going to daycare. She spent two days in her PJ's and was more than happy to greet customers dressed like this. One cool guy who came to talk to us about a job bought his daughter and the two girls played happily..the tiny visitor totally unfazed that Miss 2 was not dressed. I love that the kids are so part of our work that it is so normal for one of them to perch on our knee or grab a paint brush to help out.

This is it last chance to name our brand spanking new wall decals below..you could win so hop to it...Good luck!!!

Our Tsunami Scare Today...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well although it amounted to nothing on our shores the heart did race a little. Its a strange feeling to be warned of impending disaster..and to get almost an exact time to which to expect this...which in our case in Napier was to be 10.40.
We live right by the sea so when we heard about the awful quake in Samoa, the kids were on their way to daycare so of course that was put off. My eldest was sleeping so I left him until about 9.30 (yes he is nearly a teenager) then went to wake him. The horror when I told him to get dressed as there had been a Tsunami warning and we had to get to higher ground was almost funny. He loves drama so was immediately on the pulse ..the news was on, his bag was packed, he was worrying about everything, on the phone to his mates who were begging us to go up there (they live on Napier hill), a million questions thrown in my direction, and the excitement only a 12 yr old boy can have..as we know they love destruction in every way, shape and form!! So you can imagine his almost disappointment when after realising we didn't have to go anywhere and to top it off when we made our way upstairs to watch the sea from our small view, there was nothing to see..except the road barriers that had gone up and the crazy fools that were walking down to the beach to get a closer view..yes really, one was my neigbour!!
Daycare re-opened off the kids went, we got on with our work and the day went on pretty much as normal..but it was a good little test to see how you would react and what you would take..my first thought was the kids, dog, computer (isn't that sad??!!), camera, photos..one of my biggest worries was about our stickytiki machinery..really expensive and really heavy, it would have to stay!!
On a different note, dont forget our comp below..ends Friday.

Update on our comp

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hi all, thank you everyone for entering our competition below to name our latest design. We have had some awesome names and honestly I could have almost all of them. To be fair we will narrow them down then put it to public vote somehow?? (any advice on that would be great). Because I am impatient and want to get them listed I have decided to end the comp on Fri the 2nd instead of the 8th, this will just allow the extra time to narrow down our fav's. We really appreciate the time you have all taken to give this some thought..but remember if you have anymore bright ideas you have until Friday!!

Win our newest wall mural. We need your help!!!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Please please help us name this newest hand painted Stickytiki wall mural!! These divine (if I must say so myself:) wall stickers are hot off the press, and Si and I couldn't agree on a name. He wants the name to be short and sweet..as in not too long. I want magical whimsical..wonderland kind of thing, so after some strong disagreement I decided to hold a competition, and surprisingly Si agreed and Mr 12 thinks it is a brilliant idea. And here we are. 1.The deal is..follow our blog if you like, we of course would love you to..then you get to hear about these great giveaways! 2.Leave a comment with your name choice for our mural. 3.Leave your contact email or make sure you keep checking back to see who the winner is. With your email address (make sure the @ and . are written as (at) (dot) so as those horrid spammy folk don't get you. 3. Tell all your friends to enter..that way they might decide to give it to you as a gift! ;) 4. We will close the comp on the 2nd Oct. If there are lots of names we like we will have a public vote to via some of our favourite forums. 5. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

A testing two days

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ok I am down from my high of the last week! Yes we did have a good week..but like any other small business in these times we have our struggles..I am just glad that NZ is supposedly out of the recession..the only problem here is our $ has risen and as we sell mostly offshore so this adds new challenges. When I talk on this blog about features,and good stuff..it is me wanting to show only the positive..My partner has suggested this may seem like showing off:( I really hope it doesn't seem that way. We are a business that started at the beginning of a worldwide recession and are still surviving. Sometimes I feel like I need a pat on the back..lol even if it is me doing it:)
So please dont think all is just sun and, roses believe me we have had trying times and that is normally when I dont write anything.
To put everything into perspective I have just heard of a dear little girl Shanade who is dying of an inoperable tumor, and her dream is to go on a trip to Auckland and see all the attractions..bless her.
You can read more about her and the charity auctions being held to raise money to help her get her dream. Stickytiki is humbled to help her in our small way.
Shanade's dream

fantastic week

Monday, September 21, 2009

New 'Space Odyssey 1968' photo with my main big boy.

Stickytiki has had an awesome week..our best yet!! Only one small glitch which just set us back a day..means we will be working our little behinds off tomorrow :)
We are coming up a year in Oct/Nov (not sure exactly)..but anyway very soon, so we are going to do some awesome giveaways..so keep watching..will finalise it soon.
Thanks so much for hanging out with us we really appreciate the support, and are so happy to have you here and part of the adventures at Stickytiki.
Good girls go to heaven.
Bad girls go everywhere.

Mae West

stickytiki travels

Friday, September 18, 2009

Well we personally aren't currently traveling..unfortunately but our creations are...all over the place. This week we have sent off to some wonderful places exciting places that I wish I was going to..but hey a little part of me is!

Dear deer goes to South Korea, Australia,& Berrin Springs USA
Elephants go to Hong Kong & Japan
The Lovely Rose' goes to Brooklyn NY and to NSW Australia
Hundreds and Thousands go to Silver Spring & Waukesha USA
Babushka to London, Aussie and the USA
Old skool blues to Rockledge USA
And of course there has been the local travel for our kiwi favorites Nikau, Pohutukawa, Tui and Beach baby.
Oh how I love the internet!!
We have a busy weekend getting a big order ready for a lovely new stockist in Australia, but still intend to spend plenty of time with my favourite munchkins
Have a great weekend.

My little man ready for his first school visit

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mr Ja Ja has a certain style all of his own..he already has a cult like following of a small girls at daycare, whose parents fret because their daughters are even dreaming about him and want their brothers to grow their hair like Jasper's!!
So for his first school visit and bad mummy hadn't given him a haircut he said 'that is ok mum I will wear my headband'...bless!!! So off he went looking Rambo-ish with bits of red paint in his hair. Within 5 mins of being there meeting the teacher and finding a group of mates he knew from daycare..he told me to go :( So I skulked away and held back the tears while other parents were being clung onto with vice like grips.
No seriously I am very happy my little man has this kind of confidence..and he often does still need his mum!

Etsy is going off!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

We decided for the first time to do a weekend free postage on etsy and the Dear deer got picked first up for the storque..which has driven huge amounts of traffic to our shop..woohoo. I have had inquires from all over the world about stocking stickytiki, so now just have to answer everyone. I couldn't sleep last night as I had two little snoring bodies tucked in next to me, so I have been up since 4.30am, when I checked etsy I couldn't believe how many people had been there. So again etsy..thanks heaps for picking us and making all these awesome people all over the world aware that we exist!! x

New bunting in my garden from Festoon

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Look at what just arrived in the post!! I got this gorgeous bunting from my friend Jenny at Festoon, she makes the most beautiful array of bunting for inside and out. This one is Pink hibiscus in Mexican oil cloth..which means lazy folk like me can just leave it outside and it will be just fine!! LOVE IT..can't wait for the kids to see it. Go and check out her site..these make awesome Christmas pressys for those hard to buy for...I got some Shabby Chic for my Mum (hope she doesn't read this:)

Heart-warming feedback....

Monday, September 7, 2009

We just received this gorgeous card in the mail from Newstead Country preschool in Hamilton. We donated them some Pukekos for their Pukeko room and a fantail for their Piwakawaka (fantail)room. This is just soooo lovely and will take pride of place at Stickytiki HQ. THANK YOU kids we LOVE it!!

Also just got an email from Sherrie in America she found us while surfing 'unique wall decals'....

Hi Kim! I just wanted to let you know how much we love the Dear deer tree! It's perfect...exactly what we wanted. I can't believe how easy it was to put up, and how beautiful and unique the pieces are...really lovely stuff. I will be sure to let people know where I got it!


..and the Dotty elephant winner IS.................

Saturday, September 5, 2009

...head over to our facebook page to see the winning draw. Sorry had trouble trying to upload the video here...aargghh, I will get it right sometime :) Anyway a HUGE congrats to our winner, and to you other lovely people don't despair we will have another draw very very soon and it will be BIGGER and BETTERAH!! So stay in touch we love having you here.

I am a very proud Mum...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tonight I had my parent teacher interview for my big boy Zav. He had to give a presentation to me and his teacher about what he has achieved and where he could do better. I am so proud he spoke really really well...was confident and clear without any hesitation about where he thinks he is at. Zav had been in Australia at his Dads house last interview time, so I was a little nervous...not because I don't think he is doing ok, just because he is a very very social boy and I was a little worried that this could take priority in his life. He is 12 so this would be fully understandable:) Anyway his teacher only had positive things to say about his attitude and his learning, she is also such a cool lady who I am sure the kids love and has a lot to do with why they are doing so well. I am so wrapped with him and so PROUD!!!!!

Zav on the left with his cousin Kalani who has just gone back to the States.

Also today while I had a spare 5 mins (lol)..I googled us, as you do..come on I know we all do it!! And I found a cool little write up about Stickytiki in The daily green. Go and have a look, they even call Si a computer geek..hehehehe.

Stickytiki features in Handmade news....

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hand Made News

Which touts itself as the 'Largest Handmade craft blog on earth for artisans by artisans' Sounds pretty cool to me :) Anyway they have written a very cool article about us to which we are really grateful!! So thanks Robyn (for writing it), Lori (for discovering us) and Handmade news for finding us news worthy..we really appreciate it!!
So go over and check it out and give us the thumbs up..cheers you are wonderful!

PS: Don't forget our Dotty giveaway below..enter..go on you could win!!

Spring, strawberries, milkshake moustaches and worms

Monday, August 31, 2009

It is spring in Napier, the last couple of weeks have been beautiful!! Here at Stickytiki HQ between our work commitments have been composting digging over our vege patches getting ready for the spring planting. Si has decided we will have one vege patch each and have a little competition..which suits me fine as it is less work for me. He is a sore loser so I better let him win the grow off...heehehe!
I with the kids help am going to start our first worm farm, so just researching how to make one..very excited cant wiat to get all those little wrigglies eating our leftovers :)
These are the little ones on Sunday making milk moustaches with their smoothies, to those of you who wonder..yes I do have my big boy too but he is not nearly as accommodating as these two getting his photo taken..and just way too social, skating and hanging out with mates.
We have some of our new Dotty Elephants heading to Japan and to Aussie..don't forget to enter the draw below to win some. May the force be with you.

Win some of our Children of the World (babushka) on Bloesem kids

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Bloesem kids

The lovely Lola and Ben are giving away some of our Children of the World (to which they exclusively sell) on Bloesem kids..which is one of the most gorgeous kids blogs around.
Also check out Maria's blog , she has also featured these little ladies and tells a lovely story about growing up in the USSR and what nesting dolls mean to her.
Also don't forget to go into the draw to win our Dotty elephants..check post below.
Good luck x

Dotty Sticky Giveaway

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Because I am so dotty over these cute little creatures we are going to give this set away. You know the drill , follow us (if you want), but please leave a comment here telling us why you would like to win these little darlings, and we will do another film clip draw (god forbid..was a mare last time but I think I have it sussed.)
So its the 26th or 27th now depending on where you are, but on the 5th NZ time we will draw the winner out of a bowl, bucket or hat starring probably my eldest boy Zav.

PS: I forgot to say i will need your email make sure you leave the . and @ as (dot ) and (@) so as those horrid spam people dont get you. If you dont want to leave your email just make sure you check back after the 5th to see if you have won!!! x

Very exciting day for StickyTiki HQ

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Print and pattern

This morning I got an email from a big blog (no names yet) that want to write a feature on us, and now have just seen that we have been shown on print and pattern (one of my fav blogs for beautiful...ummm print and pattern :)...Feeling the LOVE right now, which is great because I had a bit of a flat day yesterday, so a nice pick me up was needed!!
Cheers lovely world dwellers our small and humble business really appreciates the validation that we are doing ok.

'The lovely Rose' Cross

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I haven't posted for a few days ..have been busy doing new designs, taking product shots, being Mum....etc, etc. There really are not enough hours during the day.
I am loving this shot of Kahlo with the lovely rose as a cross..see there are so many ways you can put this together!!
Mr Ja Ja had a sleep over last night at my cousins (he has a boy the same age). Jasper was so excited..but the strong silent type (as they call him at daycare), showed his excitement only by saying in his little deep voice..'I am so excited Mum'!!! Lol, my cousins boy bounces off the walls so a good combination I think!. Last night after the movies (inglorious bastards..great) I went in to check on the other two, and little Miss was tucked up in bed with big bro, both snoring away!! She had obviously woken and Mr 12 got up to her..he is such a good brother!
i am catching up with some HB etsy sellers tomorrow for coffee..looking forward to that!..Ok cleaning calls AAARRRGGH!!
Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Trifle exciting!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

It official Trifle is now open for business and we are so excited to be part of it!!
To celebrate we are offering free worldwide shipping on all our items sold on Trifle until the end of August...which include our latest 'The Lovely Rose'(see below).
A huge thank you to the awesome team behind the scenes of Trifle..Lou from Skout, Sarah from Style me gorgeous ,and Matt and Genevieve from Webnovation. You guys have done and awesome job!!

The Lovely Rose.......

Saturday, August 15, 2009

This is our latest design available first at TRIFLE.
We did this in response to the trifle slogan 'layers of lovely'.... the image came into my head of roses floaty fabric, blue birds..which I had a fascination with as a child (it was a 70s thing I think). I have this lovely cream ceramic cat that I decided to bring to life..she is now pale yellow with a pink and white lacy scarf and a set of wings so as she can take flight at anytime! There are so many ways this lovely rose can be put together...I also imagine the ribbons and blues birds above a bed...this is what is so great about our wall stickers is you can arranges them so many ways.

Look at my beautiful models..Rachael (my niece) is the tall willowy teenager, and the two gorgeous ballerinas are Denby Rose, and Brenna..I must say if you had seen these two modeling the photos show off there personalities perfectly! Thank you lovely girls!!

Imagine having to leave your Children.....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kahlo, Zavia and Jasper

I have just been reading about the most amazing woman Cate Bolt and her decisions to change her life, give up all her security to help children in Indonesia. This is something she asks us to imagine......

Imagine taking your child into a crowded street at dusk, walking away from them and never going back. Imagine the fear in that child when they realise you’re gone. Imagine them wandering scared and hungry through the streets…imagine their life now, day after day.

I couldn't think of this without tears...not with any child let alone my own. But this is the harsh reality for so many people in the world in poverty..they simply cannot afford to keep their children!
I walked around the boardwalk in Napier this morning..it is a perfect day, blue skies, snow capped hills, glistening water, I am healthy, I have healthy amazing children who love life and eat when they are hungry, I have a job I love ..could/would I give up everything here to do what Cate is doing?? Honestly answered..I dont know!
Please read about this amazing woman..who BTW has 9 children as well!!
How to help

Awesome feedback for Tui.....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hi Kim
Thank you, the Tui arrived straightaway. I absolutely love it and I think you're very clever to create such a gorgeous thing!
My baby is 6 weeks old and I plan to stick it up in his room - like in the cot picture you have on your web site. In the meantime I have just stuck the snail next to his changing table and he loves looking at that.
It is such a gorgeous product - it is the best thing I have bought for ages and I show it to everyone
Thanks and regards

Can barely keep my eyes open

Monday, August 10, 2009

Just a quick post, I can barely keep my eyes open..have had pukey children with some random vomiting bug..poor Little Miss tiki got worst hit. Have just been out and had Thai with the family that are heading back to the states, and have come home to laminate eight orders to go out tomorrow. Have also been working on getting our new design finished for Friday which is the opening of Trifle..yay sorry to tired to find the link have to go to bed now. Will just leave you with this photo of my niece Rach and I at Whakapapa the other day!

by mlekoshi