The Lovely Rose.......

Saturday, August 15, 2009

This is our latest design available first at TRIFLE.
We did this in response to the trifle slogan 'layers of lovely'.... the image came into my head of roses floaty fabric, blue birds..which I had a fascination with as a child (it was a 70s thing I think). I have this lovely cream ceramic cat that I decided to bring to life..she is now pale yellow with a pink and white lacy scarf and a set of wings so as she can take flight at anytime! There are so many ways this lovely rose can be put together...I also imagine the ribbons and blues birds above a bed...this is what is so great about our wall stickers is you can arranges them so many ways.

Look at my beautiful models..Rachael (my niece) is the tall willowy teenager, and the two gorgeous ballerinas are Denby Rose, and Brenna..I must say if you had seen these two modeling the photos show off there personalities perfectly! Thank you lovely girls!!


  1. The models are beautiful. But the roses are JUST GORGEOUS, how versatile, so many different configurations!!
    They'd be great for a wedding, decorate the car or lay a romantic "bed of roses" "trail of roses" in the hotel ...

  2. What can I say but STUNNING!!! I am so in love with your work Ms Tiki - I will be buying one of those for my house xx

  3. Love the idea you can arrange them to suit your wall space. Adorable design, bit like your models :-)

  4. Thank you for your lovely comments:)xx


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