Jayden with his new Nikau

Monday, August 3, 2009

Check out my little man with his new Nikau!! Jayden is my grandson who lives in Perth (Jayden is my beautiful step daughter Kyla's little boy). I am still trying to wrap my head around the Grandparent thing..not because I don't want to be, just because as you know little Miss Tiki is only 2 so I don't really feel old enough to be Granny..I really need a different name..any suggestions?? Kyla thinks it is funny to call me granny..well all my friends do too!! So I need an uber cool granny name..HELP ..love this little guy to pieces...but hey...! The funny thing is Kyla's Dad (my big boy Zav's Dad)and I have a laugh about being Grandparents..but he has just found out he is going to be a Dad again...hee hee we are breeding for far too long these days :)
Check out these two gorgeous blogs: Style Me Gorgeous and Cackleberry Kids, we are lucky enough to be shown on both these blogs today..thank you lovely ladies.

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  1. Our family is a bit odd like that too, my daughter has an Aunt that is 7 years younger then her... I love the nikau palm and it looks like Jayden does too...


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