Imagine having to leave your Children.....

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kahlo, Zavia and Jasper

I have just been reading about the most amazing woman Cate Bolt and her decisions to change her life, give up all her security to help children in Indonesia. This is something she asks us to imagine......

Imagine taking your child into a crowded street at dusk, walking away from them and never going back. Imagine the fear in that child when they realise you’re gone. Imagine them wandering scared and hungry through the streets…imagine their life now, day after day.

I couldn't think of this without tears...not with any child let alone my own. But this is the harsh reality for so many people in the world in poverty..they simply cannot afford to keep their children!
I walked around the boardwalk in Napier this is a perfect day, blue skies, snow capped hills, glistening water, I am healthy, I have healthy amazing children who love life and eat when they are hungry, I have a job I love ..could/would I give up everything here to do what Cate is doing?? Honestly answered..I dont know!
Please read about this amazing woman..who BTW has 9 children as well!!
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