Ormlie Lodge Design Market

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hot Hot Hot...We had such a lovely day at the design market yesterday but boy was it HOT!!! Held in picture perfect gardens of a local historic lodge the first design market was a huge success. There was a fantastic array of gorgeous Hawkes Bay design on show from divine cushions to original art, beautiful clothes and jewelery..amazing local talent!
It was really lovely to show our work to local people, some had seen us online but didn't realise we are local and some just had no idea we existed! We had an awesome response to our decals..a lot thought they were painted on the display and couldn't believe it when I pulled them off. A small group of children amused themselves for nearly and hour with the space odyssey which as fantastic and what it is all about..can't get a better test of the product than that!
We met some really cool people and made lots of contacts and thanks to my Babybaby sunblock not even a smidgen of sunburn!

Some guys are so romantic!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last week I sent out a lovely rose to the Netherlands, when I contacted the customer to say I was about to post I asked how they found us. He (I assumed they were female) replied that he had googled rose wall decals because his partner is expecting their first child and he wanted to surprise her!!! Isn't that so sweet! He also said our decals were the most beautiful he found. Wow..umm just trying to picture good kiwi blokes doing this....:)

Crazy busy at Stickytiki HQ

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wow how slack have I been! I have tried for the last week to get here to write something but something else always comes up..fingers crossed this will get done. So many things happening...to begin with my beautiful step daughter Kyla and her divine little man Jayden have come over from Perth to stay with us for a month..yay, we are loving it especially the kids who follow Jayden around everywhere as you can see! Kyla and my eldest Zav are brother and sister so Zav is an uncle at the age of 13. I met their Dad when she was 4 so we have been part of each others life for a very long time. I am Mum, friend, and clothes provider all rolled into one. It is so funny how she knows my little quirks and pulls me up on them all the time. Jayden is the most beautiful child, I feel to young to be a grandmother but Kyla keeps calling me 'nannie Kim' too wind me up so I guess that will stick:) Definitely expect to see Jayden in some of our new Stickytiki shots.

Check out my little girl in her sling...she has a dislocated elbow and fractured wrist from a trampoline accident involving the neighbors children who had been asked not to jump on it when she was on there..umm say no more! She is fine and adjusting to life with the use of one arm..we get it rechecked on Friday.

Stickytiki has been chaotic too, with lots of orders, the prominent at the mo being Nikau's. We (well Si) are also rebuilding our website which is nearly finished..I cant wait, it is clean and contemporary and shows off our images to perfection.
We have had some lovely feedback lately and really appreciate you taking the time to tell us.
Oh and my sisters baby skin (her nappy rash cream) product just won a prestigious award, I of course am not surprised because it is an amazing product..and that is unbiased!
Well I did it PHEW!! Back to work.

Style Collective and Stickytiki

Monday, November 9, 2009

We are very flattered to have this lovely editorial done about us on the extremely COOL online style mag and fashion community Style Collective. Thanks so much Amanda you are a gem!

Papernstitch and Stickytiki giveaway!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

We are doing a elphant giveaway on one of our favourite blogs papernstitch all you have to do is leave a comment about which animal you would like to be or which of our decals you love best! Good luck, this finishes 17th Nov:)
Don't forget to check out our shop on Papernstitch as well link on the right.
by mlekoshi