8 ways to arrange circle wall decals

Friday, August 16, 2019

If you're looking for inspiration on how to style your circle wall decal dots, you've come to the right place! I've collated a collection of all the different ways I've arranged the dots to give you some ideas. I'd love to see what you do with yours.

1. Hearts

Use the circle wall decals to make just the outline of a heart shape, or fill it in for some solid colour. This works well with our dusky pink dots.

2. Stars

Start with the larger wall decal dots on the outside or the inside, depending on your preference. If you're wanting the easiest option, start with the dots on the inside, then fill in the gaps with the smaller dots. Keep it monotone with the jungle green dots, or mix it up with turkish delight dots.

3. Bubbles

Circle wall decals lend themselves well to bubble patterns. Keep them uniform with individual bubble patterns or group them together for a large bubble pattern. Seen here in dusky pink medium dots.

4. Circles

Another option is to keep the circle theme going and use your circle wall decals to make a larger circle, or even a spiral pattern.

5. Arrow or triangle

Is it an arrow, or is it a triangle? You decide! Mix up your geometric shapes and make a directional arrow or a triangle with your circle wall decal dots. Create this look with our mustard yellow wall mural dots.

6. Abstract

Let you imagination take over and go for an abstract design. Here we've got a wavy line and a tree, which works well with the jungle green wall mural dots.

7. Create a scene

Use something you've already got, like this cute wooden train from Woodn't they love it, and add a feature to complete the scene like this smoke billowing out.

8. Random spots

Last, but by no means least is the random placement of your circle wall decals. This is probably the easiest option, but I have found it's a lot harder to make them look random than I would have expected! Create this look with our mustard yellow medium dots.

Celebrating diversity

Monday, August 12, 2019

After the mosque attacks in March, it became painfully clear how important it is to be inclusive. It made me think about how most of my acquaintances look similar to me. This is not on purpose, I must add! I have some great friends from completely different backgrounds to me. Which makes me think I should get out and meet more people from different walks of life, because there is a good chance there are some more great friends out there, just waiting to be met.

In the immediate aftermath I made a concerted effort to smile at people from minority groups, as I wanted them to feel welcome here in their own country. I also keep reminding myself that this extends to everyone. Someone might be from a different socioeconomic group to you, or dress or express themselves in a different way. Just because this isn't something you would do is not a reason to judge people. It's so easy to create a snap judgement in your mind, so I try to replace anything that sneaks in with 'Isn't it great that they are...' to reframe that judgement into something positive.

Unfortunately these kinds of attacks keep occurring, as there is a group of people who think everyone should be just like them, and doesn't want to celebrate diversity at all. I find it really sad how narrow-minded these people are. In order to counter that, and capture the sentiment that sprung up after the March attacks, I created a series of decals designed to promote inclusion and diversity. I also wanted to help out the Muslim community who were so devastatingly affected by the attack, so I am donating 50% of proceeds of the sales to the The Christchurch Foundation's 'Our People, Our City' fund. I included each of the phrases in arabic, maori and english to show unity.

It's a bit like global warming. One person's actions are gong to change the world by themselves, but collectively we can make big changes. We just need lots of people doing lots of little things. I'd love to hear what you do to be more inclusive of others!

by mlekoshi