Make an offer!!! 100% to Christchurch Earthquake

Monday, February 28, 2011

We are so horrified by the devastation of the New Zealand Christchurch Earthquake...the damage to life, business and properties has been immense, so hard to even fathom!! We have donated lots of items to various auctions and are donating $5 from every sale to New Zealand Red Cross. We are often asked if we have seconds and because we have things down-pat very rarely do, and the ones we do are normally donated to schools, daycares, friends etc. But this time I have a few items I thought we would auction instead, so giving you are chance to get a bargin while giving 100% to Red Cross.
Soooo make me an offer either here or privately kim(at)stickytiki(dot)com or message me through facebook, obviously highest offer wins.
Auction will finish next Friday 11th March.
Good luck and remember 100% to NZ Red Cross which in turn 100% is donated to the victims.

PS I will post anywhere in the world at our cost!!

1. Dear Deer tree normally retails at $180 NZ:
Our bestest seller, loved by all and featured in some very stylish blogs and mags! The only fault with this is that our printer was having a bad hair day and decided to print this in slightly more muted shades, the trunk is the only noticeable one...a little more peachy..still beautiful and your wall will never know the difference, but your wallet will:)

2. Babushka Dolls normally retails at $75 NZ:
Our dolls have been featured in countless articles (see below) A little girls dream. I can see no apparent fault with this except paper they are on may have a little crease, and they have just been lurking around a while...we normally make and send so as our stickers are fresh!

3. Poutukawa Tree normally retails for $280 NZ:
NZ's favourite tree, which flowers right at Christmas time so has become known as our Christmas tree. Nothing at all wrong with this...except paper they are on is creased, this makes ABSOLUTELY no difference to the stickers, but just means does not look as good to send out!

If you have any questions as away! Thanks so much!

Babushka Dolls get a two page spread!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I got a lovely email a few days ago from Melissa one our lovely ST supporters to say her little girls (Lola) room had been featured in the latest Little Treasures mag. Wow I bought it yesterday and it is a two page spread!! The room is just divine as is little Lola!
Thank you so much Melissa and Little Treasures for giving us such a great mention.

Holiday Pictures-Pourere 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

by mlekoshi