Wednesday, September 29, 2010

YAY for us, we have been named finalists in the David small business award for the most innovative business...I will let you know how we go!

Check out these super cool photos by Jess at In an instant Photography ..aren't they the best!! Well Jess is from Sydney and contacted us a while ago to make her some heart stickers to add to amazing array of props for her super funky mobile photography studio. So anyone over that way looking for something a little quirky and out of the ordinary contact Jess, you may even end up with some Stickytiki in the background! Just wish she was here:)

Giveaway for Canterbury Earthquake Kids

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hi all I know it has been a while! A combination of just being busy, lazy and preoccupied:) Part of the preoccupation is the terrible devastation caused by the Earthquake in Canterbury (South Island of New Zealand) Many people have been left homeless and without businesses. In NZ we have always lived with Earthquakes, but I do remember as a kid being traumatised by a particularly large one and to this day I am like many people terrified of them.
Everyone is a little lost as to what to do to help, but here is what we are doing....$5 from every sale on our website will go to the Canterbury Earthquake Red Cross until the end of the month, we have given $100 voucher and 50 mini wall decals to Kids Fashion Review as the wonderful Kate is putting together goody bags to kids affected by the Earthquake.
I begun making the wee stickytikis...lets call them StickyTiny's, for the goody bags and have enjoyed them so much that I am going to add some to our range....coming soon!
We want to give away these ones here to children affected by the Earthquake, so if you know someone or have a special story to share we would love to hear it, but more importantly would love to give your special 'tiny' someone a small treat!
Please leave comments/stories below and we will give some of these away.
by mlekoshi