Giveaway for Canterbury Earthquake Kids

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hi all I know it has been a while! A combination of just being busy, lazy and preoccupied:) Part of the preoccupation is the terrible devastation caused by the Earthquake in Canterbury (South Island of New Zealand) Many people have been left homeless and without businesses. In NZ we have always lived with Earthquakes, but I do remember as a kid being traumatised by a particularly large one and to this day I am like many people terrified of them.
Everyone is a little lost as to what to do to help, but here is what we are doing....$5 from every sale on our website will go to the Canterbury Earthquake Red Cross until the end of the month, we have given $100 voucher and 50 mini wall decals to Kids Fashion Review as the wonderful Kate is putting together goody bags to kids affected by the Earthquake.
I begun making the wee stickytikis...lets call them StickyTiny's, for the goody bags and have enjoyed them so much that I am going to add some to our range....coming soon!
We want to give away these ones here to children affected by the Earthquake, so if you know someone or have a special story to share we would love to hear it, but more importantly would love to give your special 'tiny' someone a small treat!
Please leave comments/stories below and we will give some of these away.


  1. These are so cute!! Would make great little stocking stuffers for Xmas.
    I missed the auction for Sticky Tiki, I have a little shopping list. Saving up!
    You a great example of small businesses doing what they can for charity. You never miss any of the causes.

  2. Kim this is a great idea and the are so darn cute!!!

  3. Like so many others, we escaped from the earthquake relatively unscathed. That said, as the weeks has worn on, we have noticed the compounding effect of the emotional stress and aftershocks.
    My daughter is only 22months and to start with we thought that she was coping fine with everything. She would sit, smile, say "bang" and rock back and forwards each time there was a bad aftershock. Unfortunately, I got suspicious about her behaviour the other day and asked her about the "bangs". She said "bang, bang bang bang bang", burst into hysterical tears and threw herself into my arms for a hug. She is also obsessed by light, forever switching light switches on and extremely happy when I open the curtains in the morning.
    Talking to people around us, puts everything into perspective. One of my friends is looking exhausted after caring for her three kids in the wake of the earthquake. The oldest is grumpy; the middle child is complaining that the aftershocks aren't strong enough and spends her time banging round the house; the youngest doesn't want to go to bed as his cot is "grumpy". As you can imagine, the interactions between the youngest two are "interesting". I am sure that your beautiful decals would give them all a welcome distraction.
    It is amazing how the community and country is banding together and supporting each other. Thank you for your support. It means so much to everyone down here!

  4. YOU KIM are AMAZING. Such a generous heart . I love you to bits x Received them today they are UBER gorgeous and i think you should start making mini packs x

  5. Hey Kim
    I remember the earthquake that struck while you were doing my hair in your salon in Waipukurau. Because it was a little old building we went outside as you were in a bit of a panic, and I was in a cloak with my hair wrapped!! lol. Your Mum called in to see how you were and lucky she did because the phone lines were down and I couldn't get hold of anyone to come and get me, so she took me home to Waipawa when my hair was finished, no cell phones in those days, let alone signal in CHB!!
    Anyway, I love love love your stuff and hope you will have this tiny range ready in plenty of time for me to send some to my neices in London for Christmas.

  6. Thanks guys!Tartankiwi you bought tears to my eyes, I will difinilty be sending some your way, email me kim(at)stickytiki(dot)com with your address names and ages of the kids:))
    WENDY..OMG how funny is that!! I had forgotten all about that...god see what a wimp I am!! Seem so long ago now that I was a hairdresser..hahaha now I remember that day well!! Tinys are pretty much ready just have to list them, so if anyone has any special requests just let me know.

  7. We were also lucky enough not to have a lot of structural damage - but the emotional side of things has taken quite a toll on my girls. We have been sleeping in the single story part of our house (under and beside the table!!) as our oldest daughter (8) refuses to go back upstairs as the house swayed so much. It is so hard to watch your child go through such turmoil and have no idea how to fix it - its not like I can stop the aftershocks. She came home from school on monday and told me she wished she was dead (OMG) on further investigation she said she thought if she was dead she wouldn't be so scared. Poor wee poppit.
    Our 6 yr old daughter and 16 month old daughter have managed a lot better - i think its personality types and age that has a lot to do with it.
    I just wish the aftershocks would stop.

  8. Hey Kim, that is such a lovely thing to do and these stories have humbled me so much. I hope things can get back to normal soon for everyone. Those poor wee kiddliwinks. Big hugs to you all.

  9. Hi Marie, gosh I really feel for you it is terrible to see your child go through something like this, and so hard to know how to react to that kind of comment..bless, I so hope she feels better soon! Email me their names and ages (address above) I would love to send a little something to cheer them up:)) x
    Thanks Toni..!!xx

  10. Hey Kim what an awesome thing for you to do! this plus all the stuff you gave to KFR! My 4 kids have coped pretty well, except my 8y old boy who is a bit of a nervous wreck, but I'm sure it will just take some time! I dont want anything for my kids but was wondering if you would mind sending two out for kids i know who are really struggling..... My neice who is two and a half is awake with every noise be it aftershock or not which is really taking its toll on my sister, and to a wee boy the same age who has lost his home and has had to move to unfamiliar surroundings.. if you could I think it would really cheer them both up! Thanks heaps

  11. Hi Cheeky Monkeys..yes absolutely would love to send these kiddies something, I know it wont change anything but just at least a little distraction. Email (address above) their names ages and I will choose something for them. Thanks so much for sharing!!

  12. Oh, you're amazing Kim. What a wonderful thing to do and I love the 'Sticky Tinys' :)

  13. I wish these darn aftershocks would stop as well! Esp last night! My 3 kiddies were ok during the big one- more confusion than anything. I wouldn't say they were traumatised like some poor kiddies. But Now my 5yr old is starting to crack a bit-she is bursting into tears every day over random things, Not sure if its worry, lack of sleep or hearing all the stories from kids at school.
    I am just blown away over all the care, concern and generosity to the Canterbury community.

  14. Oh poor wee darling!!! Email me your address so as I can send a little something to cheer them up!
    Kim :)

  15. I just wanted to say a HUGE thankyou for the beautiful stickytiki's. They are nicely positioned above the girls beds - and no threat of them falling off onto them with all the aftershocks!!
    The girls were so pleased with them - and they made a real difference.
    Thank you again

  16. You are very welcome Marie!! Hope those aftershocks slow down soon:)


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