Some guys are so romantic!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Last week I sent out a lovely rose to the Netherlands, when I contacted the customer to say I was about to post I asked how they found us. He (I assumed they were female) replied that he had googled rose wall decals because his partner is expecting their first child and he wanted to surprise her!!! Isn't that so sweet! He also said our decals were the most beautiful he found. Wow..umm just trying to picture good kiwi blokes doing this....:)

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  1. Yeah ,that's the Dutch . Go Dutchies !!
    Very sweet people :)) haha
    Must honestly say ,most Dutch men I know are good like that. Flowers ,gifts, quite nice.
    Can't say the same for my Aussie bloke ( only flowers I get are from friends, haha )



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