'The lovely Rose' Cross

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I haven't posted for a few days ..have been busy doing new designs, taking product shots, being Mum....etc, etc. There really are not enough hours during the day.
I am loving this shot of Kahlo with the lovely rose as a cross..see there are so many ways you can put this together!!
Mr Ja Ja had a sleep over last night at my cousins (he has a boy the same age). Jasper was so excited..but the strong silent type (as they call him at daycare), showed his excitement only by saying in his little deep voice..'I am so excited Mum'!!! Lol, my cousins boy bounces off the walls so a good combination I think!. Last night after the movies (inglorious bastards..great) I went in to check on the other two, and little Miss was tucked up in bed with big bro, both snoring away!! She had obviously woken and Mr 12 got up to her..he is such a good brother!
i am catching up with some HB etsy sellers tomorrow for coffee..looking forward to that!..Ok cleaning calls AAARRRGGH!!
Have a great weekend.

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