Spring, strawberries, milkshake moustaches and worms

Monday, August 31, 2009

It is spring in Napier, the last couple of weeks have been beautiful!! Here at Stickytiki HQ between our work commitments have been composting digging over our vege patches getting ready for the spring planting. Si has decided we will have one vege patch each and have a little competition..which suits me fine as it is less work for me. He is a sore loser so I better let him win the grow off...heehehe!
I with the kids help am going to start our first worm farm, so just researching how to make one..very excited cant wiat to get all those little wrigglies eating our leftovers :)
These are the little ones on Sunday making milk moustaches with their smoothies, to those of you who wonder..yes I do have my big boy too but he is not nearly as accommodating as these two getting his photo taken..and just way too social, skating and hanging out with mates.
We have some of our new Dotty Elephants heading to Japan and to Aussie..don't forget to enter the draw below to win some. May the force be with you.

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  1. He is a sore loser so I better let him win

    Making excuses already?


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