I am a very proud Mum...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tonight I had my parent teacher interview for my big boy Zav. He had to give a presentation to me and his teacher about what he has achieved and where he could do better. I am so proud he spoke really really well...was confident and clear without any hesitation about where he thinks he is at. Zav had been in Australia at his Dads house last interview time, so I was a little nervous...not because I don't think he is doing ok, just because he is a very very social boy and I was a little worried that this could take priority in his life. He is 12 so this would be fully understandable:) Anyway his teacher only had positive things to say about his attitude and his learning, she is also such a cool lady who I am sure the kids love and has a lot to do with why they are doing so well. I am so wrapped with him and so PROUD!!!!!

Zav on the left with his cousin Kalani who has just gone back to the States.

Also today while I had a spare 5 mins (lol)..I googled us, as you do..come on I know we all do it!! And I found a cool little write up about Stickytiki in The daily green. Go and have a look, they even call Si a computer geek..hehehehe.


  1. Awwww... big well done to Zav (he looks GORGEOUS on the pic) and to his proud Mum too - also for your cool write up!!!

    Jenny xxx

  2. Cool pic.
    Great write up.
    Tell Si I need to pick his 'geeky' brains.


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