Our Tsunami Scare Today...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well although it amounted to nothing on our shores the heart did race a little. Its a strange feeling to be warned of impending disaster..and to get almost an exact time to which to expect this...which in our case in Napier was to be 10.40.
We live right by the sea so when we heard about the awful quake in Samoa, the kids were on their way to daycare so of course that was put off. My eldest was sleeping so I left him until about 9.30 (yes he is nearly a teenager) then went to wake him. The horror when I told him to get dressed as there had been a Tsunami warning and we had to get to higher ground was almost funny. He loves drama so was immediately on the pulse ..the news was on, his bag was packed, he was worrying about everything, on the phone to his mates who were begging us to go up there (they live on Napier hill), a million questions thrown in my direction, and the excitement only a 12 yr old boy can have..as we know they love destruction in every way, shape and form!! So you can imagine his almost disappointment when after realising we didn't have to go anywhere and to top it off when we made our way upstairs to watch the sea from our small view, there was nothing to see..except the road barriers that had gone up and the crazy fools that were walking down to the beach to get a closer view..yes really, one was my neigbour!!
Daycare re-opened off the kids went, we got on with our work and the day went on pretty much as normal..but it was a good little test to see how you would react and what you would take..my first thought was the kids, dog, computer (isn't that sad??!!), camera, photos..one of my biggest worries was about our stickytiki machinery..really expensive and really heavy, it would have to stay!!
On a different note, dont forget our comp below..ends Friday.

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  1. You might notice that in Kims list of priorities above, Si does not get mentioned.

    Not sure what to think of that.

    Would I come before the computer or after?, definitely after the dog.

    Oh well.


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