Trifle and Design Mom

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trifle has teamed up with Design Mom for a huge Halloween giveaway, it is massive, over $1000 US in prizes!! Check out these!!

-Organic Merino Set by Natural Star — booties, beanie and mittens.
-Feeding Pillow and Skincare Pack by Babybaby.
-Merino Newborn Set by Three Bags Full — top, pants and hat.
-Nudey!Rudey! Trial Pack — including a pocket cloth nappy, a triple layer microfiber insert, one reuseable liner and six biodegradable liners.
-A Treasure Hand-stamped Customized Necklace by Lovestamp.
-Whimsical Giraffes Fabric Wall Decals by Sticky Tiki.
-Baby Hair clips with Matching Display Box and Kimono Frame by Mini Lala.
-A Babywedge.
-Millicent Mouse Toy by ATLDL.
-Unido Baby Sling.
-Blanket with Cocolatte Trim by Babyjo Bamboo.
-Baby Pack by Ramalama — bamboo bodysuit, baby wrap and bib.
-Nesting Kit by Westcoast Baby — Infant Kimono Wrap, Infant Beanie Hat and Cocoon Swaddling Blankets.
-Newborn gift pack by Green Bean Kids Ltd — baby gown and baby swaddle wrap.

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