We have a winner 420 pieces of paper later!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

WOW 420 pieces of paper..this is the amount of entries we had for our Dear Deer comp. After naming and putting all of these into the draw which I thought I was videoing and actually wasn't (minor technical difficulty sorry), I found and easier way via a random number picking site (wish I had found it prior to 420 bits of paper)..Anyway I gave that a go just out of curiosity..an low and behold the same person came up..meant to be I think! I just want to thank all of you so much for entering you are all wonderful, and to Kym and Candice for creating such stiff competition, the odds were with you girls because of your huge huge effort.
And soooo the winner is (drum roll).....Candice...woot woot!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
And to everyone else stay in touch as we will do another great giveaway in the New Year.


  1. You poor thing having to go to such lengths.....but thank you so much for drawing my name. This is going to look fantastic on the wall of my baby's nursery.
    YAY Im so happy right now.
    Thank you StickyTiki for such a fantastic giveaway :)


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