Really really big day

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh what a big day so only a very short post to say I wont be writing anything!! Just had a great catch up with the whanau (family) arriving back from the States, my little rock star nephew came out of the plane and raised his arms in the air to all of his adoring fans waiting for him only to preceed to do a slow motion walk towards the terminal..sooo funny. The boys (a gang of them ranges from 9-12) then took Kalani to the dairy (they dont have dairys there) and he got flakes, pies, peanut slabs, then over the road to hot chick for fries (not like they dont have those there!!) And we have just all had fish and chips for dinner!! My poor sister who couldnt come back is hanging out for fish and chips.
I now have two very tired boys nearly asleep now...but so happy to be together again after two years!! Love it!!

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