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Monday, July 20, 2009

I was trying to get Kahlo to stand still for me this morning because I wanted to get a photo of her in her new clothes! Well actually the jumper came from Grandma Nice who started knitting it 25 years ago for her other granddaughter who is now this is a true story, I just though it was such a gem I had to tell. While Mr Ja Ja was there she pulled out one that she had started for one of her grandsons who also are in there 20's..hee hee she will be hard pushed to get Jasper wearing a jersey he is strictly a sweat boy. Now Grandma Nice if you do happen to read this which I suspect you may??? !! We would really love Kahlo's quilt (check earlier post for gorgeous fabric I bought for this) to get to her before her 5th birthday...and there are NO more Grand children coming from us so you cant hold off !!
Kahlo is also sporting her brand new Hundred and Thousands shoes that big sis Kyla sent from Australia (Kahlo wants to sleep with these), a cute knitted hat from Aunty Marg, legwarmers from Belly Beyond and Jaspers old jeans!


  1. We have knitted relics in our family that come out whenever someone is the right age... including a brown and orange dress that used to be mine when I was three... luckily Ben missed out on that one.
    Kahlo is so adorable in her 'new' jumper.


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