Great Feedback!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Some weeks ago I sent some decals to the states that didn't arrive, they were Space odyssey 1968 and Dear Deer Tree, so quite a big order!! I was gutted as I had never had anything go missing before. So we posted another lot and contacted NZ post to find out what happened to the others...just lost, no reason, address was right..everything ok just one of those things. This morning I got an email from the very understanding customer in America to say package 2 hadn't you can imagine I was distressed. So got on the ph to NZ post who said I had to wait a few more days..meanwhile these lovely people were having to wait yet again...ARRGHH
Sooo a little while ago I got this email which made my day!!!

Kim, they arrived! I was going out to the park this afternoon and there was the box! The decals are beyond my wildest dreams; I cannot believe how beautiful they look - little works of art. So easy to apply - I did my son's room in less than 15 minutes and he cannot believe how cool his room looks. I left really great feedback for you on Etsy; you are such a lovely, nice, HONEST person and I will absolutely buy from you again. Thank you for everything that you did for us and I just can't express my appreciation enough.

This has been such a great experience - you are so nice and it really was all a pleasure.

Warm Regards,


  1. Great news that they arrived Kim - and your customer is so right - you are lovely!

  2. Isn't that a lovely email, makes it all worthwhile in the end! x Jenny

  3. Good on you Kim! Its never nice thinking that things may get lost in the post (i had this happen with a wholesale order for 1st time client, and i sent the whole order again just in case. They both turned up and she was so very greatful for the service, and posted back the spare. Just shows you that it pays to be great at customer service! Good on you i say!!!

  4. Thanks ladies for your lovely comments. Yes customer service is paramount!!x

  5. oh - how cool is that ... u rock girlfriend ! x


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