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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Li'l Ludy encompasses all Australian designed and made swimwear ensuring sweatshop free and ethical practices which is sustainable for our local community. Li'l Ludy aims to provide one-off prints (sourced worldwide to reduce landfill) which are a li'l retro and a li'l different; swimwear that is not only unique and adorable but reminiscent of a 70's childhood representing the innocence and simplicity of being a child

I have met the creator of Li'l Ludy Trudi online through Skout which is the place to meet other designers, crafters, retailers from all over the world. Trudi asked me if we could turn her logo into a decal as well as buying two of our Dear Deer Trees she will use for display purposes..cant wait to see what she does with them! This is the great email I got from her this morning...

Hi Kim,

oohh I love it! Thank you so much for all your help. I was so impressed with the look of it on the computer screen, but in real life ... wow just exceptional. It's going to look absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to unstick it and play with it in September. Will take heaps of photos for you and will spread the word like wild fire.


There is no higher compliment than a good one from another designer, so I was stoked (downunder that means really really happy! :)

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