Spotlight on 'Children of the World ' Babushka Dolls....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

'Children of the World' - Reusable Fabric Wall Stickers for lola and ben

This is really exciting!! Today the Babushka dolls were featured on the Etsy blog, the Storque Spotlight: Hey baby . For those of you who don't know what this means, it means that one of the Etsy team selected a group of products from all the gorgeous products Etsy has to offer (alot!!) that they thought worth showing off to thousands of people they send emails to everyday......not to mention all the people that visit their blog!! Etsy is arguably the worlds top site for speciality handmade products so it is kind of a big deal....and its the kind of advertising you can't pay for, and it is really easy to get lost on Etsy as there are so many fabulous I am wrapped!!! Our Etsy shop had a couple of thousand visitors today because of this and a few thanks Etsy you made my day!!!!
Don't forget you can buy these gorgeous Children of the world exclusively at Lola and Ben along with other beautiful handmade New Zealand designer baby products.


  1. Hey Kim,
    that is awesome news!! I opened up my Etsy mail and saw the babushka dolls and went hey I know the makers (well through skout) and thought that is the coolest. So well done to you guys!! Awesome news xx

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