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Thursday, July 2, 2009


We are giving away a set of one of our most popular decals, the Hundreds and Thousands...simply named because we love the original Hundreds and Thousands (Gran puts them on the kids bread when they go there! ), but also because there are Hundreds and Thousands of ways to put them together! Check earlier posts. We need 100 fans on our StickyTiki page before we can get a business facebook URL which I think means we can have our own address...so would love to see you there, and we really want to give some of these away!
A day of getting new designs done...so keep an eye out they wont be long!!
The Babushkas shine again and have featured on some lovely blogs that I hadn't heard of before today, but soo happy they found us, they look devine and of course what good taste they have :) droolicious , fortheloveofcute and ten thousand places

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