Ja Ja's big trip..

Friday, July 17, 2009

Ja Ja' first train ride to the big smoke!

Mr Ja Ja has just been on a big trip with his Dad down to Waikanae to stay with Grandma Nice (Bernice) for two nights..they had a great time and came back with all sorts of Grandma treasures, lollies, little bags, books, puzzles..a gun even ( I have stopped fighting this gun thing with boys). Jasper and Dad also did a trip into Wellington to visit our dear friend Fee and go to the movies..as you can see the reason Jasper couldn't tell me what the movie was is the huge popcorn and drink was about as much as he could focus on...mean mummy would never buy a drink like that, I am assuming it was for him and Si!! :)

Couldn't resist this one of little Madam..she was so exhausted this afternoon because when she was meant to be sleeping..as you can see she was experimenting with her drawing skills ..all over herself, the funniest part is her Puku (belly button) she has done a very unique design on this...tattooist in the making?? Time will tell.
Now I want to get photos of my niece and nephew who are here at the moment..but do you think I can snap them.. I am going to make it make mission tomorrow if I can find the little social bunnies!

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