Molly and Me

Friday, May 7, 2010

My mum found this photo of my Grandmother (Molly..AKA Molly Lolly) the other day. I was taken in 1976, and as you can see I was 'holier than thou'! It was my Grans wish for me to do my holy communion and she was so proud on this day. I still have this little dress which was also used as a flower girl dress..waste not want not in those days. I also have my precious rosary beads hanging around the neck of a very old doll on top of my piano. I remember this day so well, thinking how strange that we all looked like little brides.
When my daughter Kahlo saw this photo she thought is was her, how funny is that. I also remember very clearly how jealous my best friend was that I was dressed like this and she had a boring brown dress on..funny though she went on to be a real bride and I never bothered:)


by mlekoshi