Logo despair and sick kids!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

OHH what a morning already..two sick children today, well one sick I just think the other (Jasper) just wanted to stay home with Kahlo! Not quite sure what is wrong with little girl but suspect hand, foot and mouth...which sounds way worse than what it is for those of you who haven't heard of it. At least big 12 yr old boy got to school today! Now to my logo despair...ARGGHHH , When we first started Stickytiki , only six months ago we kind of threw together logos and stuff and now realise that it isn't exactly what we want! Now although I have an art and design degree it was painting I concentrated on in my studies..so I actually dont have graphic design skills (computer) so it is very hard for me to see my way clear of the painted image! Here is a painting that I have been working on it is part of a series of self portraits so as you can see the move away to designing for Stickytiki has been quite a move for me!Self portrait painting So logos I have lots of ideas now I just need to narrow it down and try not to put too much detail into the image as I have found it just gets lost on a banner! I really like this little image below that I have done but it looks TERRIBLE on the banner because it just gets lost....again ARGGHHH!! Last night I was awake half the night and I think I have an idea...nothing like this, so off I go to work on it!! Stay tuned.StickyTiki logo concept

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