Some girls want to get married! Some NEVER do!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The bride and her son all dressed up My best friend Megan we thought was on the list of girls that never wanted to get married, well she didn't, and this is what she told EVERYONE.....and in true Megan style she told it LOUDLY!!! But you know our views on life often change and like her being a vegetarian, changed quickly when one day she ate a ham sarnie forgetting that she was vege..said 'oh well the pig was dead anyway'. So three weeks ago here she is with her son Kaeve setting out to marry her soul mate Dom. It was a wild wedding...these lot are very theatrical (I mean the whole family ..on both sides!!) so the service was held in an old theatre that had been decked out with big red velvet curtains, mirror balls..the works!! The kids all dressed upFor those of us in the wedding party, who are not used to being on stage it was a little daunting knowing that a theatre full of eyes are out there looking at you, and because it was so dark we couldn't see them! But my kids seemed to take it all in their stride, Kahlo spent most of the time on the floor fascinated by my legs (I had stockings on...not often you see mummy in those!)Jasper all dressed upAs for the boys well they took their roles very seriously...Jasper stood just like the big boys ..the only thing he couldnt do was get his shirt to stay tucked in!! xx

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