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Friday, May 1, 2009

Frida Kahlo fabricFrida Kahlo fabric OK so I am loving this fabric I bought on Etsy yesterday...LOVING IT!!! As you may have read from earlier posts (all three days of them!) My little girl (Kahlo) is named after the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Now Frida is often referred to as a Surrealist artist but in fact she didn't like to be slotted into this category- she would say 'I paint myself because this is what I know '...well maybe not exactly those words but ones to that effect! Being an painter myself I can relate to this, and especially for women, we become consumed with ourselves..why not we live with ourselves constantly , how would I paint about anything else! Anyway I am getting off track I now feel like I am explaining myself, like I used to when I was studying.....explaining why my images were so deeply personal. All this has got me thinking about images and bits and bobs we surround ourselves with, what they say about us, do they really represent who we are, or are they just objects! Here at Stickytiki HQ we have heaps of love, heaps of art and heaps of bits and bobs. To be continued...meanwhile look at these other cool Frida finds on Etsy, I am not the only one obsessed with her! BTW: Fabric getting made into a quilt for Kahlo's bed (her talented Grandma is going to make it!) Felted Frida Kahlo doll Frida Kahlo cushionFrida Kahlo suitcase 

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  1. Your post are so full of beautiful colour. I love reading them. K x


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