I want to pack these bags!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Look at these cute suitcases from nanacompany on Etsy... I have always had a thing for suitcases for some reason, I think its that gypsy in me that just wants to keep packing and moving! When I was young we shifted house 25 times by the time I left home at 15!! I KNOW... but we did mainly stay in the same town. x


  1. try again, posting the first time failed.

    oh oh, your fault for posting it.
    just ordered the mixed fruit suitcases .just love them .The watermelon will be for my little girl, the other 2 are for mummy 9 she wants something cute too ( got a thing for suitcases, travelled all around the world and ended up in Australia, but gotta start travelling again, so much more i want to see :)

    thanks for posting the pics,so excited about the suitcases

    lin (cackleberrykids)

  2. Hee hee that is sooo cool!! I love them too. xx


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