The Phoenix Foundation

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Phoenix FoundationLast night I took a trip down memory lane and went back to one of my old haunts 'The Cabana Hotel' in Napier. This place has a very colourful music history and for those of us who grew up in the bay, was very much where it all happened when it came to band culture. Well now I'm all grown up and although the Cabana had reopened its doors a year ago after its closure in the 90s (leaving Hawkes Bay woefully lacking a good live band venue), I hadn't ventured back there...until last night. The Phoenix Foundation who I would describe as 'indie rock' (correct me if I'm wrong!) drew in a spectacular crowd of the more mature age group, when I say this I mean 30s up, so our group felt right at home..and of course every second person was someone from the past that we used to bump into every Thurs, Fri and Sat night, few more lines, few more kids and far less time to party! But party last night they did! Now I'm no a expert on music but I know what works and I know what I like and these guys fitted the bill, and judging the crowd and the dance floor everyone else felt the same. They are musically smart, quirky and just damn good. So if you have never seen these kiwi geniuses and they come to a town near you....make and effort...go and see them,.... buy their albums, after all it is NZ music month lets support them! And the Cabana still rocks after all these years!! Here is a link to one of their songs:

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