Sunday, May 31, 2009

Its really cold here today, so really have done nothing much except stay warm. Here in NZ we are celebrating the Queens Birthday ...which just really means everyone gets an extra day off work.....poor Queen no one is particularly worried about her birthday !! Sorry Queen ...some kiwis are! Do you remember shaking my hand by chance when I was marching girl aged 10? I was the one at the bottom of the 'J' that spelt out JUBILEE...I was very excited and very proud! You asked how I was...I said 'I am fine thank you' in a nervous small voice. But I did tell a lot of people that I had shook your hand and that made me a minor celebrity for 5 minutes. So dear Queen I wish you a very happy birthday!! I would watch my back though because young Willy and Harry are becoming very popular and might want to push you off your perch soon. But you do appear to be very resilient so I think you will be ok! I am a little sad though that Susan Boyle won't get to sing for you now that she lost out on her own crown...and we know what pretty voice she has, I think you would have liked her.

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