The world according to Mr 'F'

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I have this friend, we will call him Mr F. Now Mr F is a very well known Napier figure and he is unique... I call him kooky. I like different people... normal is boring we need our differences that is what makes life interesting! Well Mr F is NOT normal, but not NOT normal... does this make sense?... A little off beat, a character, strange (according to some people... ones that don't know him in my opinion), eccentric... ummm kooky actually suits him best I think! My other half calls him 'your girlfriend' because we go to all the art house movies together, meet for coffees, walk the dog..and kids sometimes, AND talk on the phone! A LOT! Now let me paint you a picture of Mr F... He is 40 +, he is a bachelor... not by choice but by some cosmic force that makes it difficult for him to meet someone special that understands or can deal with him for too long! He wears the latest rags but is not a fashion victim (he will shop at Hallenstiens or spend a large wad at a designer store), he knows everyone, and if he doesn't know them, they know OF him, he knows when all the gigs are on, and what everyone is up to. He works sometimes and we are never quite sure where the money comes from... well that is not entirely true, I do mostly know and it is NOT dodgy! He can be very annoying (like us all) and he can be your best ear when you need one. When he calls and it is not convenient (often)... I tell him so BLUNTLY and he doesn't get offended! I know some people are not entirely sure why we are friends, but I don't actually care... everyone needs a friend like Mr F. Now the reason I got onto this is: Mr F has been phoning, txting the last few days giving me a running commentary on developments with the Napier gunman (who of course he knows). We are not exactly sure where Mr F gets his information from... he doesn't have a computer, but he has contacts!!!! So the latest!!!!! Mr F phoned me 30 Min's ago to tell my friends staying that they can pack their bags (they don't have any as they left their house for work thinking they would be going back as unusual at the end of the day), the gunman is dead and has been since last night... lets see if the all knowing Mr F is right! to be continued...

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