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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dot wall decals with little girlLook at the cool picture we have been sent!!! Talia's mum said ................
'Talia woke up from her nap and saw the dots on the wall she wiggled out of my arms and spent a long time touching and "talking" to them. They're a huge hit! ' This is awesome it is such a great shot...we love getting photos like this, keep them coming! Thank you Talia's mum (what a great name)! Today was mad here, we have heaps of orders to get out, which is great I am in no way complaining. but I also had to get the house clean for round two of the photographs for the magazine (will let you know more when it happens). Plus I had Mr Ja Ja at home really very unwell! So house got clean enough, photography got half done (we have another go tomorrow), orders done and little girl was sent home because she too is not herself!! Yep a relaxing life I lead! So kids in bed (big one in Australia) and time to do some work (twitter) work, really,... well maybe just see what everyone is up to. x

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