This is me!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kim from StickyTiki and a pohutukawa tree wall decalOk I hate having my photo taken... but today I had to because I am meant to getting a photo of myself to Kylie (from Cackleberry) for her new shop... we are one of the friends (Yay)!! Anyway today was freezing and I was rugged up warm!! So here I am, a little awkward (look at the hands), but Si was far enough back not to do too much damage, the light has given me a bit of a glow....and the tree looks great. So to all of you who know me just as this word (stickytiki) here is the face...well one of them, you can see a pic of Si below...our kids are far cuter!! x


  1. YOU are fabulous!!! I love this shot, you don't look awkward at all. You look cool and hip, artist-like, probably exactly as I had imagined you, though I wasn't seeing blonde hair. You should put yourself on the blog more!

    Your kids are cute too of course.

  2. Ohh thank you made my day!!! Yep blonde hair has always been there...was really white like my little man.

  3. You do exist! ;)

    You're gorgeous - can see the family resemblence to Jodee too. Although I do feel a bit stalkerish knowing that, seeing as I've not actually met either of you!

    Lou x

  4. Oh thank you Lou..its weird getting to know all these wonderful people as friend but not knowing what they look like! Except the famous ones like you who have appeared on TV!!
    Jodee and I sound alike more than we look alike and we both have this really strange snorty's is worse!! Tee hee wonder if she will read this!!


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