Girl and Ceramic Pig (2008-2009)
Oil on Canvas

From there to here (2006-2009)
Oil on Canvas

Bench Seat Conversation (2008-2009)
Oil on Canvas

Continuing on with love, art and bits & bobs.......I just LOVE THIS WORK!!!!

I have just been sent an invite from Gary Waldrom to his latest exhibition at Milford Galleries in Dunedin which opens on Sat 9th May. Unfortunately I live in Napier so cant go!
I have known Gary a few years now but have admired his work since I started painting. One day I plucked up the courage to contact him about a Charity Art Auction my friend Megan an I were holding to raise money for my nieces transplant. Not only did Gary donate a piece of art but he painted my niece and the painting sold for over $10.000 ! The painting is absolutely beautiful and he captured her so well that when I saw it I cried (see image below)
Gary has become a dear friend who often phones to ask how my niece is getting on (she is awaiting her transplant in the US), his work is spectacular and I am hoping to own one in the future!!
If you are in Dunedin get to Milford Galleries and check these works out they are worth giving time to.

'Matisse' by Gary Waldrom

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  1. Kim
    You can pull the photo off the chance2eat website.


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