Our little Miracle Girl in the 'Miracle league' in Cranberry at the weekend!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Matisse Reid is our little miracle girl. Matisse is my niece, her mum Jodee is my sister. Over two years ago Jodee and her husband packed up their four kids and moved to Pittsburgh thanks to the kind help of the NZ public and government, and massive fund raising. Matisse needs a lifesaving transplant and spends most of her life in pain. When they first left and we all said goodbye we thought that in two years they would have been back in NZ with Matisse's new tummy... but it was not to be that way. They have now had six false alarms thinking that Matisse would get her transplant, but unfortunately each time for very different reasons this was not meant to be. Matisse need a child's organs which makes the whole situation doubly awful as we know what this means! Life over there has meant major adjustments for the family and because of the green card laws they are not allowed to work so the money they have raised is used for living... and this is running out fast. There are many many families living in the States like Matisse's who need to make sure their child gets well but also need to earn their keep... what can they do???? x


  1. Goodness I had no idea ... about Matisse (another great name!), that Jodee is your sister. I only just found out Jodee is over in the USA.

    I'll be keeping them in my thoughts.

    And recommending their business to people, we're newly converted fans of the Multi Healing Balm.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thank you Jacqui every little bit helps. I know multi healing balm really is the best product. We have someone that buy 8 at a time for her arthritis!! The world seems so small when you are online its hard to know where anyone is.


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