New Camera ??

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am needing a new camera: At the mo I have a cybershot 5megs so she is getting a little old and really just doesn't cut it for the product shots. I have and old EOS 5 film camera with a 100 macro lens that I have just sold on trademe for $650.00 ($500 for the lens and the camera is sitting at $150 so I will get at least that). I could have kept the lens and gone for a digital SLR camera, but I find that they are just to bulky to take everywhere so like my old one sit around for a few years without being used. Soooo does anyone have one of these G10? I looks like the ticket, wide angle lens to take product shots, should be able to keep kids and decals all in focus!! And if I can get rid of a few other bits sitting around the place we should be paid for! Oh but the roof needs fixing! ...ummm camera or roof??

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