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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dad taking small ones to daycare. As the song goes... (Otahuhu allstars ) work all day there's bills to pay... got no time to play!! Well in fact that is not true, I LOVE my job soooo much it means I want to work, but I just do hate those bills to pay. Beautiful day here in the Bay like really blue and sunny, just what is needed to bring Napier out of its slump! Huge and fitting send off for Len Snee yesterday, a man greatly respected and loved! The funeral of Jan Mollenaar is tomorrow. I spoke with one of his close friends this morning who as you can imagine is terribly sad for the loss of his friend and even sadder the way he went out. I hate to see anyone sad but to see a man (I mean real bloke man) close to tears breaks my heart... I guess it is because men don't cry so readily... us girls know how much of it is a release being able to cry, and you usually feel better afterwards... you guys need to cry more, IT HELPS!! So this morning after that had the photographer round who is taking photos of us for mag... turns out it is not one page as I thought... 6-8 pages ARRRGH I will really have to have a good cleanup. They want quirky... well they have come to the right place, there is nothing flash about our house, but quirky it is! x

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  1. Hmmm, my bald spot looks great in that photo.

    Doesn't it?


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