My little corner of the world!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

This is my patch, my little room in the house where the creating gets done. It is away from the computer, it is small but it works. The kids come in there to help me but know that it is my special space and are always careful with my things. My little drawing desk is teeny tiny and it does give me back is made for a child and... I am small but not that small, I am going to look out for another one. I will go in there soon as I have so many ideas and need to get them out. I also need to focus on creating as yesterday I sent a letter (the one that took me a year to write) that will take on the powers that be!! I have finally made a formal complaint about a misdiagnosis involving one of my children that turned my world upside down and that will have huge repercussions on them later on in life if I don't do anything about it. So I did it... and although I am a realist in what I am taking on... at least I haven't done nothing, and hopefully some else wont have to go through what we have because of it! x


  1. I love your little corner (especially the Verve Cliquot box, went there drank lots of Champers).
    When we take something on for our kids, what may seem the biggest mountain in the world is just a hill. :-)



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