Stickytiki's most co-operative model

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Very co-operatiave four year old boy modelYesterday we had a photographer over because there is a feature being done on us and the house for a magazine. A whole tribe of skateboarders turned up (my eldest sons friends) to get in on the act..there was some fabulous shots of them done. My little girl turned her head the other way when the camera was pointed in her direction..I know how she feels really!! But it was our four year old 'Ja Ja' who stole the show. He just did as he was asked, went where he was told and looked too cute (biased I know).....but look at that face!! Will let you know when the mag is out..very exciting!! x


  1. That is very EXCITING!!!!!!
    OMG JaJa is Zavia!!!!!!

  2. That's great Kim - which Mag is it? You'll have to post a copy in case we don't get the Mag here in Aust : )


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