It's COLD in Napier today!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Napier is cold, its grey, and there is an air of sadness and that comes after such a dramatic event. I have felt exhausted all weekend when in fact I did nothing much, like everyone else... except wait. And as we all knew what was coming was the death of Jan Mollenaar, he was never coming out alive. And as I sat in bed yesterday morning and my three little darlings bought me in a cup of tea and eggs on toast for mothers day, I felt an immense sadness for Jan Mollenaars mother as her mothers day came with the death of another son! I felt sadness for the families of Jan Mollenaars victims and for this whole tragic event. Now I am never going to understand how Jan Mollenaar flipped like he did, but what I do know is there are people that loved him... one is my neighbour who was friends with him, and while he quite obviously hates what he did, he loved the person he knew and we have to be able to show these people compassion too. x

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