Finally... 'Dear Deer Tree'

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Boy with dear deer tree wall decal Two kids with dear deer tree wall decal Two children with tree wall decal Purple deer wall decalPhew finally have this one done. I painted it about 5 months ago and it has been waiting to get Si's techy magic on it!! I am so excited as I think the kids find this one really magical and because there are so many ways to put it together it makes it a really interactive piece of art!... And because it is hand painted once on the wall looks as if you have painted on there yourself...really you could get away with passing it off as your own work of art. We print on a really fine fabric (almost like an ultra fine canvas), we use Eco friendly inks and package our products in Eco friendly packaging..we are trying to do our bit. And because our stickers are reusable so long as they are looked after (not too much dust on the sticky side) they will last for years. On a personal note: the main model in the little Ja Ja is at home today with a tummy bug, little sister had to be spirited away to daycare and my big boy went on a plane by himself yesterday to Australia to stay with his dad. His grownup sister, brother and new nephew are going to be there too so they will have a ball...the house is already too quiet without him. I will save money though! x

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  1. oooooh - I LOVE the deer ! .... gorgeous! ... and the pic of you is very cute !


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